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  1. Sweet19blue

    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    My guess with your problem is that there is a problem with the active leg type which prevent the correct use of OBS mode with the waypoint PINIK, maybe because it is not a point to point leg. It may be a limitation of Laminar G1000 though, I do not have enough experience with real G1000. What I may suggest is to try a direct to PINIK before using that waypoint for your hold. Or you may use the NAV mode with LOC1 source for the inbound course, and use DME reading or GPS overlay on map to know when you cross PINIK and revert to HDG mode for outbound course of the hold. I really love the TBM900 but it frustrates me a bit to have a G1000 that is not up to study level like the others systems. Even if that G1000 is surely the best we can have for now in a game sim. Pierre
  2. Sweet19blue

    Low FPS on initial loading

    I can confirm this behavior also. But it does not occurs everytime. As a matter of fact, when I load the TBM, I always proceed to reload the aircraft before going any further. Pierre
  3. Sweet19blue

    Framerate Drop

    Had this yesterday. I just reloaded the aircraft under le Développer tab and got my 30 fps back. Worth a try! Pierre
  4. Sweet19blue

    Swerving off runway during takeoff roll - fixed

    The best I could do was to set Takeoff power all along before releasing the brakes on takeoff. But landing is another story. It is really crosswind that is hard to keep the aircraft rolling straight during takeoff and landing. It is manageable if the wind is calm and fairly in the runway axis. Pierre
  5. Sweet19blue

    Go Around behavior with GA button

    Can’t get SUSP to trigger in the TBM (or should I say XP LR1000). Pressing TOGA before or at minima does not disengage AP for sure. After pushing GA, just pressing NAV exits the lateral GA mode and the GPS follows Go Around FPL. Pierre
  6. Sweet19blue

    Go Around behavior with GA button

    Yes, it is the function that I have assigned...and your AP disengage when pushing GA button? Maybe it is due to the autopilot engagement. What function should I assigned to simulate the AP push button on the MCP? Pierre
  7. Sweet19blue

    Go Around behavior with GA button

    Hi, Practising go around using the GA button, I keep noticing that the Autopilot does not disconnect when pushing the button. The TBM 850 G1000 manual says it should disconnect. Also I saw G1000 video where FPL sync got suspended with a SUSP soft key during the go around. Pilot have to push SUSP softkey to re sync the FPL. Do not know if it should apply to the TBM. There is not much infos about GA in the TBM 850 G 1000 manual. Best regards, Pierre
  8. Sweet19blue

    1st CTD ever with 1.09

    Hi, Just had a CTD during initial climb from KSEZ Sedona. It is my 1st CTD since using the aircraft V1.0 ( I fave flown all versions). Reloaded XP, and flew my flight (KSEZ KPHX without problems. Automatic LOC switching worked great by the way) Here is the log. Hope it may help resolve those CTD Best regards, Pierre Log.txt
  9. Sweet19blue

    GPS to Localizer Approach

    It is a quirk of the G1000, and Hotstart is aware of that. In fact, it seems to have been a real quirk of the G1000 by the way, but with a software update, it is not happening anymore if the G1000 software is up to date. Pierre
  10. Sweet19blue


    Thanks Jetnoise for pointing out these videos! Pierre
  11. Sweet19blue

    [SOLVED] Frame Rates / Objects size

    Maybe it is a good thing to reload the aircraft using the option under Développer tab, right after the 1st load of the plane. I noticed that for some reason, when activating the aircraft again in game after the update, my FPS stuck at 20. As soon as I reload the plane, FPS go back to 30 (my limit with Vsync) and everything gets smoother. It may be the same phenomenon as loading another aircraft and reloading the TBM. Pierre
  12. Sweet19blue

    Connecting two FPL waypoints

    Hi, For your 1st problem, you need to activate the approach to sync the remaining waypoints because your next one belongs to the approach. pierre
  13. Sweet19blue

    CH rudder directional control

    Agree with sdflyer, please have a look at rudder sensitivity. Best regards, Pierre
  14. Sweet19blue

    Ground Handling Issues

    Of course I read the manual I am a manual geek, so I read it even before firing up the TBM. Rudder trim is always correctly set. It is rather a matter of feeling with the rudder. It is too much prompt to PIO. Real GA airplanes are quite easy to handle in fact. I guess te bigger the plane the easier (not including classic gear aircrafts) Pierre
  15. Sweet19blue

    Ground Handling Issues

    Hi, what a wonderful plane! But I need to agree with above regarding ground handling; it is very difficult to roll straight during takeoff and landing... I know it is mainly an Xplane problem ( I do not know what is bugging the most in XP, the weather engine or the ground physics). I just want to point out that IXEG 737 has a really good feeling while taxying for a liner that combine nosewheel steering and rudder on the same axis. FF A320 was very twitchy at the beginning but after separating rudder axis from nosewheel steering axis, like the real aircraft, the rudder then control the nosewheel steering only for a few degrees left/right and the aircraft is very easy to control during takeoff and landing roll. Hope you may find the sweet spot for rudder control on the ground. Bedt regards, Pierre