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  1. Hello, I am also having random crashes lately, since 1.1 it seems. (I am still on XP10. I am using xenviro but I can't do without it because the sim looks so good with it. I am flying everyday IRL and I can say there is no better weather depiction than xenviro currently in XP even if some things need to be adressed. But it really pieces me off to have those crashes. Don't know if it is XP, IXEG or Xenviro. Today, it crashed when I tried to move the IXEG to the gate and load it in turn around mode. It means 3 times loading for XP and crash often occurs on 3rd time. I reloaded the sim, did preflight my 733 but had a crash in initial climb. I reloaded the sim 3rd time, took off right from the runway and the flight went well from LSGG to LFPG. I lost about 30 to 40 min reloading the sim and starting my flight all over again... And nothing in the log to help guessing who is the culprit... But it sure may have to do with IXEG because it only happens when flying the IXEG... Pierre...pissed but loving the IXEG so much
  2. Hard crash when reloading

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Sometimes I can't even fly the 737. Loading the 737, changing state, moving the aircraft to the gate cause Xplane 10 to crash randomly. Sometimes it works straight. I am using Xenviro too. I hope someone can find out what is causing this with xenviro, because weather and xplane rendering is great with xenviro. Can't fly without it. I may drop a ticket at xenviro to see what they can say about that. Best regards, Pierre
  3. Fuel gauges in LBS

    Big thank you for that Keep up the good work! Pierre
  4. Hello, Flying yesterday, I noticed that although I set fuel quantity in LBS in the IXEG setting, the fuel gauges read the correct amount of fuel in LBS but KGS is highlighted in the gauges. Is this a bug or a misunderstanding on my part? FMC is correct in LBS also. Best regards, Pierre
  5. How to uninstall Skymaxx Pro?

    Sorry, I found the uninstallers application in the X-Aviation folder. I thought I would have to uninstall manually at 1st. Best regards, Pierre
  6. How to uninstall Skymaxx Pro?

    Hi, I would like to uninstall SMP (as well as RWC). I looked through the documentation but could not find any instructions regarding uninstall. Could you point me out to the uninstall procedure please? Best regards, Pierre
  7. LNAV Go Around

    Hello, I was trying some Go Around at EBBR Brussel yesterday, and I had difficulties to follow the Go Around path in LNAV Approach was ILS25R A : I did a late Go Around at Minimum, the FMC sequenced to the next waypoint after RWY25 before I could activate LNAV. LNAV activates fine but the aircraft is not following the LNAV path. I did try 3 times, and never managed to do the Go Around in LNAV. If someone could confirm that it does not work? I am using default AIRAC. Best regards, Pierre
  8. Hi, I am trying to figure out how the thrust mode display is working in the 733. The thrust mode sequence I am seeing seems odd to me but I can't find where to look in the FCOM to learn how is it working. Here is what I am seeing on a typical flight with Derated TO and Derated Climb thrust : - Takeoff : R-TO - After reduction to climb thrust : R-CLB - During climb : Mine is remaining at R-CLB. Should the mode switch to CLB after a while during like on NG as thrust requirement increases at higher altitude. - Leveling to cruise : Thrust mode switches to CRZ - In descend : I am not sure what I should be expecting but I see R-CLB again. I was expecting the thrust mode to remain in CRZ. - Landing : Thrust mode displays GA. But what are the requirements for GA to display. Being below 2000ft RA? I would be glad if someone could explain how is it working or point me to the right FCOM chapter , my curiosity is at high level^^ Best regards, Pierre
  9. FDs recycle key assignment

    Hello, I wonder if it would be possible to add a key assignment to recycle both FDs at the same time in one press of a key. It may be handy when flying circling/visual approach monopilot in the sim^^ Best regards, Pierre
  10. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    ok then that is not what I see in my game. Could you please show a screenshot at say FL350 of this effect? You may try overhead Geneva, the weather is quite crapy today. Pierre
  11. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    Can we imagine something like nice 3d clouds around and close to the airplane, and fake light 2d or 3d clouds that may fill the gap between the detailed cloud area and the horizon line? Pierre
  12. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    Hello, I am following this thread progress since the 3.2 is out. I know you put a lot of work in those software, and it is great work. But it appears to me that clearly there is a problem on your side, either directly from your program or due to compatibility issue with others plugin or addons. I do not like to tell such thing without any proof or test but with my son just born a few days ago, I am grounded for some time and can not test out right now. If you just look at famous Osama Youtube video, he did the last one about 3.2 version. At the end, you can see him trying out the cloud visibility setting without any visual changes (from high altitude, above the clouds). The covered area does not increased. I also did notice that at first flight with 3.2 (And it is the same in all videos I watched on YT). I also noticed the bad stutters appearing after some time in the game, and managed to clear them by resseting Skymaxx. My guess is that it is the same for gcharrie and switching RWC to never maybe resseted skymaxx? Maybe there is a problem of vram handling with skymaxx and/or RWC? I have more than 1,5 go free vram when flying. I do not thing there are problems of using to much vram (gcharrie got 1,8 go free with top end GPU) nor should there be fill-rate issue. The product should work correctly with current hardware like Gtx 980 and at least MSAA x 4. Or at least you should be able to show customers how to make it work correctly (with IXEG for exemple because nearly everyone is using IXEG with Skymaxx) and point us out what we are doing wrong. Maybe you could do a vidéo showing us what we can expect and how we have to set our Xplane to achieve such rendering? Maybe you should also check with IXEG because there may be compatibility issues with the new 737. I can see that lots of people having issue are flying the 737... Sorry, I do not want to be the bad guy, I am just a little bit dissappointed. Nevertheless I have great hope for your software, and I am sure you will manage to reach perfection as you are always trying to improve Skymaxx! Best regards, Pierre
  13. strange stutters in 1.0.5 with SkyMaxx Pro 3.1.2

    We are a few on Skymaxx pro forum who did find out that resetting Skymaxx on the fly would cure big sttuters appearing in flight. My guess is that the problem is with Skymaxx but I can tell for sure as I only fly IXEG. I need to find time for another flight to see if this issue is recurent. Pierre
  14. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 - Clouds changing heights very often

    As I am really new to Xplane (thanks to IXEG) I onnly did a few flight with 3.1 so it will be difficult to compare. I wonder if I will have the same issue withour pausing the game for a long time. Will see Pierre
  15. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 - Clouds changing heights very often

    I had 1,5 go of vram free (on 4 go) in my last flight but even with that, all became laggy until I resest Skymaxx. I will report back with log when I find time to do another flight. Pierre