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  1. XPlanePort

    Please help. "Machine ID locked"

    The problem is fixed now. Machine ID was unlocked by X-Aviation and I was able to reregister my sim PC. Thank you. Happy New Year!
  2. XPlanePort

    Please help. "Machine ID locked"

    I created support ticket on December 21stand have not heard anything from X-Aviation regarding my problem. After waiting for 1 week, I tried to contact Cameron directly and also created forum post in IXEG section (the post was deleted or moved somewhere. I can not find it…). After no reply from anyone, I asked Jan for help. He was able to communicate with Cameron, but was not able to help with my problem… Thank you Jan for getting back to me! This is the first and only time I contacted X-Aviation for help since purchasing their product in 2016. I purchased the plane (IXEG 737) not too long after the initial release and was active on the forum reporting bugs and helping others. Now, when I need help, I am getting no response from X-Aviation. At least I was expecting some sort of communication regardless the nature of the problem, be it something I did wrong or something that went wrong on X-Aviation side, or both. Here is my problem, so I hope this can be resolved: I have purchased the IXEG 737on April 28th 2016. I have two machines that I have been using the product on: One is my main "SIMULATOR" desktop, the second one is my MAC Book Pro (I use to develop for X-Plane (repaints, scenery, etc.). In mid-December I upgraded my "SIMULATOR" desktop (first time in 10 years...). New motherboard, CPU, RAM, Videocard, HDs. New PC except the case and PSU. After the upgrade, I was able to successfully, reregister my IXEG 737 and use it for a week. After the week, I was asked to enter my registration e-mail and password. It asked me to unregister my old PC (I did), but now I received X-Aviation Licensing "Machine ID locked". Cameron, in your database you should see three entries for my ID. Two "SIMULATOR" and one for my Mac. Please remove all the "SIMULATOR" entries and unlock the latest "SIMULATOR" machine ID, so I can reactivate. At the end, I will have two entries: one for my "SIMULATOR" main desktop, and the second one for my development/test MAC Book Pro. Please let me know if you need any additional information. I hope this post is not going to be deleted and someone from X-Aviation will help me. Thank you.
  3. The Questions/Request is regarding airspeed (on PFD (under the speed tape)) .000 and TAT gauges (with “Use ‘steam gauge’ engine instruments) 00.0 readouts. The small issue (if at all) is not only affecting the IXEG 737, but also present in other X-Plane aircraft. I am referring to constantly (very fast) jumping of the values. The gauges are showing exactly what the X-Plane values (that are feeding the gauges) being generated by the sim are. So, here are my questions and request: 1) Do the weather values (airspeed (wind/pressure) .000 and (temperature) 00.0 in the real world change as quickly and as often as they are in X-Plane? 2) If the above is "Yes", are the aircraft gauges this sensitive to the outside changing conditions (wind/pressure (in this case I think wind only) and temperature)? If the answer to the first question is "No" (this is X-Plane issue) and the second question is "Yes", is it possible to adjust the gauge output values to not react to unrealistic X-Plane generated data (“speeds” and “aircraft atmosphere”), so the readouts are not so jumpy for the last digit in the gauges? Would you consider not to feed the X-Plane generated data directly to the gauges, but instead, read and predict (based on the craziness) what the value should be on average, and then input the values to the gauges (work around for the X-Plane issue). I hope you understand what I am referring to. P.S. I actually like the effect of the changing value on the main “steam” airspeed indicator. Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone. Ben, Just in case you still looking for additional info regarding this bug. I am also getting the same error when starting X-Plane with Zibo737 and then changing to IXEG. Just tried to start with default Cessna. Switching from Cessna to IXEG, same crash (Loading IXEG first, works without problems): I am using the latest Gizmo from your Facebook page: Gizmo64 v18.02.12.240 Edit: Reloading the Current Aircraft from X-Plane Developer menu, reloads IXEG without crash. I am currently on my MAC laptop. Can try the same on my main windows PC if needed.
  5. XPlanePort

    Guages not working

  6. This is from XEnviro developer: "Andrey Sheybak October 3 at 9:32pm Some changes have been made to our Roadmap reflecting the current project status. One noticeable feature of 1.08 is a general windshield preciitation effect that works on any aircraft. As I continue working on the cloud shader my colleague Vasily is making important adjustments to the atmosphere lighting and sky colors. Some issues with blending, haze and shadows will probably go through 1.08 and 1.09 until I finsh changing the atmophere model drawing order." So, there is hope!
  7. XPlanePort

    [Solved] Engines problem XP11

    The ninja fix that was done for X-Plane 11 addressed ground handling (maybe something else), but if you need to use the 1.1 in X-Plane 11 (like I do), you still need to do the two modifications for the plane using X-Plane 11s plane maker (as described in the post mentioned by Jah above). One to fix APU, and the second, to fix the engine problem shown in your video.
  8. XPlanePort

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Thank you!
  9. XPlanePort

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Thank you!
  10. XPlanePort


    You are correct. On top of everything you mentioned, it is also easier to see the flex in the videos with winglets. Point of reference against background.
  11. XPlanePort


    Most of the wing flax on 737-300 you can see during taxi, takeoff roll, rotation and in unstable air. This is the effect everyone here is talking about. You can clearly see this in the video:
  12. XPlanePort

    Gizmo CTD

    100% with you.
  13. XPlanePort

    Gizmo CTD

    He is not using xEnviro?! He does not have to chase it(the problem), but I would recommend spending $70 and enjoy the product. One of the best plugins for xPlane! You should try it yourself!