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  1. [Solved] Engines problem XP11

    The ninja fix that was done for X-Plane 11 addressed ground handling (maybe something else), but if you need to use the 1.1 in X-Plane 11 (like I do), you still need to do the two modifications for the plane using X-Plane 11s plane maker (as described in the post mentioned by Jah above). One to fix APU, and the second, to fix the engine problem shown in your video.
  2. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Thank you!
  3. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Thank you!
  4. Wingflex

    You are correct. On top of everything you mentioned, it is also easier to see the flex in the videos with winglets. Point of reference against background.
  5. Wingflex

    Most of the wing flax on 737-300 you can see during taxi, takeoff roll, rotation and in unstable air. This is the effect everyone here is talking about. You can clearly see this in the video:
  6. Gizmo CTD

    100% with you.
  7. Gizmo CTD

    He is not using xEnviro?! He does not have to chase it(the problem), but I would recommend spending $70 and enjoy the product. One of the best plugins for xPlane! You should try it yourself!
  8. Course Digits

    I reported this sometime back. The problem was related to X-Plane 10 and not IXEG 737-300. At the time I filed X-Plane bug report. Looks like the bug is fixed in X-Plane 11. Running IXEG in X-Plane 11 and getting 359-000-001 on both sides.
  9. Most likely you already know about this and maybe this is not the problem, but since this is X-Plane 11 with new install folder… Check if you have the new X-Plane 11 folder excluded from your Virus scan software and/or Windows defender.
  10. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    X-Plane 11 Public Beta 2: No Gizmo error!
  11. Question on ILS

    Are both of your NAV radios (left and right) tuned to the ILS frequency? Also, make sure your left and right course selectors are both set to the ILS heading.
  12. FYI problem after upgrading to macOS Sierra

    Sure. I am ok with the answer. Wander what other users (that are Reading TFM and finding bugs) think. The post was not desperate call for help to waste your time, it was FYI for the team, to be aware of this, and for users to
  13. FYI problem after upgrading to macOS Sierra

    Cameron, you are correct one many occasions..., but: If this is your logic, then what about us flying different routes and doing things with the plane that should not be done in the real world, trying to brake things and then provide the IXEG team with all the bugs, so they can be fixed? Following your logic, I think you should have provided us with set of instructions on what one should do or not do with the plane, to avoid all the gizmo crashes and all the other problems (Provide us with all the routes, button clicks, etc., that beta testers did.) Anyway, I love the product and the team (as previously stated) and have no problems waiting for the OS to be GM and IXEG providing the fix and all the other fixes and improvements. But, this is not the first time I see you attack others who are trying to help. I know, it’s your baby you are trying to protect…