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  1. Controls problems

    Also, the majority of the times, when i land, i can not control the steering, and of course, the plane ends in the grass. EDIT: Said nothing, i suppose you have to use the differntial brakes for steering?
  2. Controls problems

    While in flight. Pull back fully your controls: This is what i get, now i did it with the X-56. Is like when is in full deflection, it stops reading the inputs and come back to neutral. In ground it does not happen
  3. Controls problems

    Is not my hardware. Yoko the Yoke Saitex X56 CH ProPedals Later i will send more gifs showing it
  4. Controls problems

    I am reportin it now
  5. Controls problems

    Well, it's not a XP11 problem, previous version of the Saab had it also.
  6. Controls problems

    1# If i am having my yoke steady backwards, why the elevator is moving down suddenly and repeatedly? Also the Rudder and pedals are moving like crazy while i am ground (also in taxi), is this normal? 2# I am unable to get rid off of the Config warning, i am forgetting something? Flaps set, trims set, CTOT set... EDIT: Config warning solved, c/l were not at the correcto pos. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    Flight Factor has separated .acf, one for 10 other for 11 with diferent parameters in each one to make the result equal. Like all other addons that are compatible for Xplane 10 and 11. IXEG is NOT compatible with 11: The Saab is in the same status than IXEG, but for you is compatible, for IXEG team is not.
  8. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    " 1. There will be a v1.4 update for XP10 (only), which will include most of the bug fixes and some enhancements discussed in these forums. 2. There will be a v1.5 update for XP11 (only) which will be the same as v1.4 and simply allow the aircraft to load and run in XP11. This will NOT include new textures to take advantage of the new XP11 lighting. In addition, Austin has made some significant changes to the flight model (especially turboprops) and we will NOT be adjusting for those changes with this version of the Saab. So, although the aircraft will load and run without crashes, the engine and flight performance may not be exactly as it was in XP10. " The only difference that i am seeing between 1.4 and 1.5 is that in 1.4 you will have a message saying that this is not compatible with xp11 and in 1.5 you won't see that. That's what Leading Edge Simulations call a compatibility patch?
  9. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    0% Convincing. What Flight Factor has done with their aircraft is a compatiblity patch. Two .acfs one for xp10 other for xp11 with all the modifications done to make the xp11 version with the same characteristics than 10. Making a version for XPlane 10 and say that it works for version 11, is not a compatibility patch. IXEGs old version and actual "works" in 11 and has not been compatibilty patched for 11. Saab 1.2 "works" aswell. So in compatibility terms, what has this v1.5 that it has not the 1.2? When you make a fully ready Xplane 11 version, then call it a compatibility patch. This is not a compatibilty patch for Xplane 11, because the plane will not work like it should do in Xp 11. This is just XPlane 10.
  10. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    I do not get the point to make a "compatible" version of the Saab for Xp11 if you are not adapting the engine and flight models to the simulator. You are just saying that we will have to pay and wait like 1-2 years (?) for a fully functional version of your Saab in XPlane 11.
  11. Xplane 11?

    And there will be a xp11 version or Leading Edge just quit? What happens with the Citation? Is a dead proyect also?
  12. Xplane 11?

    Gizmo was out long ago, no news of Saab though
  13. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    That means that gizmo is ready for implement in IXEG? Should we expect and update soon?
  14. New gizmo

  15. New gizmo

    I know IXEG and Leading Edge are waiting for the new Gizmo. Can we expect a date? Maybe not a date in particular but an estimation? Weeks, months, years... Thanks