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  1. Hi Sundog & Cameron, Phfff ... problem solved ! It was/is extremely weird and puzzling: Speech2Go Voice package is the culprit. In order to enrich ATC voices a bit, i installed some ivona voices and with them Speech2Go. If i select one of the ivona voices as default voice for Windows 7, the problem arises under some particular conditions which i am not aware of. As soon as i select a non ivona voice i.e "Microsoft Anna" the problem disappears. It looks like Speech2Go changes the working directory of the X-Plane process to "Program Files (x68)/Speech2Go voice package/x64" and each access to files from X-Plane with a relative ( to X-plane working directory) path is diverted to this location. And of course, there are no files needed by SkyMaxx. This was it, thanks for your endeavour and sorry for wasting your time Dscho
  2. Checked file system - no error, removed SkyMaxx and reinstalled it again: no change Included Log.txt and directory structure of plugin Log.txt
  3. OK many thanks, i will give it a try and then report result
  4. Hello all, since shortly SkyMaxx Pro 4.6 doesn't draw clouds and puts the message "Error initializing SilverLining: 1" into the Log.txt file. Please help! many thanks in advance, Dscho
  5. Dscho

    Saab V1.5 Status

    Merry christmas, Indeed very good news!
  6. Dscho

    ADF radio doesn't maintain frequency

    hi birdy, i have FlyWithLua installed, but didn't have any script added to the plugin - everything is default. But i had the suspicion in mind, that FlyWithLua is the culprit. And guess what happened after disabling all the scripts: IT WORKS NOW !!! Now i have to find out, which of those script disadjusts the ADF 1 radio This raises the question: does the Saab 340 really need FlyWithLua? (I don't like FlyWithLua very much) By all means: thank you very much birdy Dscho In the meantime i found it out: it's HUD module test: .... -- do some corrections function radio_limiter() if COM1 < 11800 then COM1 = 11800 end if COM1 > 13697 then COM1 = 13697 end if NAV1 < 10800 then NAV1 = 10800 end if NAV1 > 11797 then NAV1 = 11797 end if ADF1 < 530 then ADF1 = 530 end if ADF1 > 1700 then ADF1 = 1700 end if OBS1 < 0 then OBS1 = 350 end if OBS1 > 360 then OBS1 = 10 end if HDG < 0 then HDG = 350 end .......
  7. Dscho

    ADF radio doesn't maintain frequency

    Hi JG, thanks for responding! First i have to clarify that ADF 2 works perfectly. It is only ADF1, which shows this problem. The control mode switch is at "ADF", then i dialed in the frequency (327 at LOWL) and move the transfer switch to the "UP" position. The frequency engages and the ADF position pointer of the EHSI points at the correct position. Suspicious is, that the RMI pointer remains at 3 o'clock. Then i did nothing and waited until the ADF frequency flips back, every time to the same value of "530". The time interval is variable between 30 seconds and almost 3 mins. Situation: on ground just after engine startup, i hope this helps Dscho
  8. hello, latest version 1.4.1, XP10.51: a while - about 20 seconds - after tuning a frequency into the ADF, the frequency changes back to the value it was before i.e 530. Has anybody of you captains experienced that too? Or did i miss something? Thanks for feedback, Dscho
  9. Dscho

    Controls problems

    Hi, i have the same problem: moving the pedals, the bird doesn't turn at all; How is the tiller turned on? Reading crisscross through all the manuals, i can`t find it! thanks in advance, Dscho EDIT: meanwhile i got it!
  10. I will do that, many thanks guys Dscho
  11. Hi sundog, thanks for your quick response ! Yes, I found the message you have mentioned ... some time ago I've set up a new computer (because trying to overclock the CPU I burned the it ) and installed SkyMaxx Pro there, i.e. i copied the entire X-Plane directory to the new system, but didn't remove SkyMaxx Pro from the old computer. I don't run X-Plane on the old system any more because I plugged in a very weak CPU there. What do I have to do now, is it enough to remove SMP from the old system or is it necessary to change the license? Hopefully I need not to buy another license Dscho
  12. Hello all, this is my first post in this forum, recently I recognized, that SkyMaxx Po V3 writes continuously the message: SkyMaxx Pro: Changing cloud conditions. SkyMaxx Pro: Cloud conditions changed. Current target visibility is 56327.039063 into the Log,txt file of x-plane. It is always the same (identical) message and after about 15 minutes the file gets a size of 30 MB. Thanks in advance for any useful hints about this problem, Dscho