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  1. 777


    Hi there, Really enjoying the 1.2 update. KEMT to KSLI I took off from KEMT, just set weights etc in FMC, mid flight (i don't normally do this) I entered airports into dept / arrival page, then select star at KSLI, then selected POM and moved it to the top of the flight plan, when I pressed activate or execute it gave me this message. Was still able to fly to destination, just couldn't do much with the FMC after this message popped up. Cheers. GizmoLog.txt
  2. 777

    black friday offers

    Its fixed now.
  3. Hi, I was looking at the saab, in the email it's $24.95 but on the online shop it's $29.95 Which is the correct price? Thanks
  4. 777

    fmc crash

    Hi, When I enter EIDW as my departure, EIDL as my arrival, when I go to arrivals and select runway 21 as my arrival runway I get this crash. Thanks GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  5. 777


    maybe delete this post, i don't think it's a skymaxx issue. i don't know what caused it, just looks like x-plane crashed. thanks.
  6. 777


    Hi there, I had a crash today flying into EIDW for runway 16. I was about 20 miles north of the airport. I don't know if it's skymaxx or not. My version of skymaxx is up to date. I've attached log file and I have the metar data this time. Hope that's of some help. Many thanks. Log.txt METAR.rwx
  7. 777

    skymaxx caused xplane to crash

    Hi, I opened the sim since so it overwrote that metar.rwx. If it happens again I'll remember to do that. Thanks
  8. Hi there, I was going in the ixeg 737 between KEWR to Newark airport. After about an hour and a half I got this crash. My route was MCOY1 SAV J207 FLO J55 TUBAS J51 FAX PHLB03 The crash happens some time after passing TUBAS Is there a skymaxx log I can attach or anything else that would help? I'm running 3.2.1 on 10.45. core i3 4170 nvidia gtx 750TI Thanks Log.txt
  9. 777

    fmc gizmo crash

    Hi, I was at KONT, going to KLAX Set to takeoff from 24L, I had entered the STAR as POMONA 9, then selected HEC transition, when I tried to go back and change to a different transition I got this crash. Thanks GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  10. 777

    bug running 1.06

    Hi, I was climbing out of EGCC. eklad1R departure Not sure what I pressed, I was adding fixes to the fmc to help me navigate. Took off then engaged the AP and changed heading. Not exactly sure what exact thing I did to crash it. Thanks GizmoLog.txt
  11. It's outrageous what they've done in forcing out the update. Every other day I've had people ring me about an unwanted win 10 upgrade especially in the last month or so. Half the time it screws up their machine in some way. And yes the shut down in Windows 10 should be renamed shotdown or shitdown. Windows live mail doesn't work properly with Windows 10 either, what chance have other programs if they're own software can't run properly on it. If you added up all the downtime and cost to consumers and business users for having to send in screwed up upgrades for repair there's probably a case for a class action against MS.
  12. Hi, Do you have any soundblaster x-fi software running in the background or similar. There is a setting called smart volume which lowers the overall volume if things get loud suddenly. it's for gamers at night that don't want to wake others or have to turn down the volume manually when a game gets loud suddenly.
  13. never mind, seems to be ok now. i restarted xplane i'll be back if it happens again.
  14. latest update installed. could be a user error here. But after setting up my route, star/sid/ weights alititude. I go to index or through the n1 limit page, then click take off, it shows me the CLB page instead, so i can't see the takeoff page. don't think i've done anything out of the ordinary. i've reloaded the plane and tried this again and the problem repeats. Thanks
  15. EIDW -> EGCC I had begun decent into manchester from Dublin. had passed TOD and had already begun to descend from FL22 I was changing various pages on the captains fmc & then pressed the des button on the first officers fmc and got this crash. SID LIFFY5A STAR MIRSI1B for runway 23R thanks. GizmoLog.txt