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  1. Hi, issue resolved. Works great now. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi Goran, Thank you for your reply, I talked with Cameron today and he mentioned someone from development would be in touch with me regarding version TBM9001.1.13. That there was a possible fix being worked on for this issue. I look forward to getting the plane working under Vulkan as it is a beautiful plane modeled with great attention to detail. So much so that I lit it on fire the first day using it which is hilarious! A 3.7 million dollar plane. oops :-) I am getting up to 30fps now with fairly high settings using Vulkan so I am planning to continue with that and will just shelf
  3. Hi Support team. Still no resolution to this. Plane works fine in OpenGL but not in Vulkan - crashes to desktop. I get 30 fps using Vulkan and all the default planes work great so pretty much going to wait. Tried uninstalling and re-downloading plane as well. Really hopeful X-Aviation will release an update soon. I don't believe this is an x-plane issue or an AMD issue either as the sim runs fantastic otherwise. Smooth as glass. Is there a version of x-Plane 11 that is certified to work with your plane as of yet that actually works with Vulcan i.e 11.50? I ask as your websit
  4. Hi, Thanks for the responses. Yes, new to the X-Plane Sim and getting addons for it. The plane loads with Vulkan turned off. So, for now I will just go with that. Hopefully Vulkan will be supported and be stable soon as it is so much better than OpenGL. After looking at the log you could see the error pretty clearly. It was trying to load something in OpenGL and failed. I also took the opportunity to upgrade to 16GB memory as well and that helps the OpenGL a bit. Cheers!
  5. Hi, Thanks for your replay. On the website, the plane says Vulkan - does it not support the new format? Why would I want to use OpenGL when the game runs so much better using the new format. The product is $65 American, that is $95 Canadian which is what I payed. I will give it a go, but hopefully an update will fix this. In the log it says it is a OpenGL error. TBM900[helpers.c:1123]: Failed to create invisible OpenGL context: A directory service error has occurred. Has anyone else experienced this same problem?
  6. Hi, new to the forum. Just purchased the Hot start TBM 900. Plane installed in proper steam folder with installer. When I try to load a flight with the plane, it causes x-plane to close or crash. Both has happened. Unable to load a flight. See attached X-Plane 11 log file. Sim run great otherwise, only have an issue loading this new plane. Log.txt
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