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  1. New CFI

    Congratulations! That's well worth being exited about.
  2. CTD caused by SMP4

    I will do that, thank you!
  3. CTD caused by SMP4

    Yeah, VRAM is another bag. I only have 4GB and the weather was real bad. New England winter, you know. I also think, though, that there should be a more benign result when getting close to maxed out VRAM, not just a CTD.
  4. CTD caused by SMP4

    Thanks for the fast reply sundog! I have recently removed all the SMP stuff from the plugin folder due to a XP11 issue and then just put it back. Could that have lead to the license authentication issue? Regarding memory, I have 32GB RAM and have flown with this scenery for a long time without issues. Of course, with any new update of XP11 beta there could be a new issue introduced. I'll look into that. thank you again for your support! Hans
  5. CTD caused by SMP4

    Got a CTD enroute from KEWR to KBOS in the JAR A330. Maybe bad METAR data? Log.txt OSXCRASH.txt
  6. SkyMaxx Pro V4 Wow!

    +1 An absolute Must Have!
  7. SMP 3.2 keeps crashing my XP. Not amused Log.txt