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  1. Slow response has been reported for this provider. I recommend to stay patient and courteous. They will resolve your issue, if it is legitimate, eventually.
  2. hw314

    Is BluFX back?

    The url in the OP doesn’t seem to work for me. Was the content removed?
  3. Title says it all. Had this a few times recently after a long period of problem free flying with SkyMaxx, Real World Connector OSXCRASH.txt Log.txt
  4. hw314

    X-Aviation products and Mac Sierra

    Of the products you mention I only have SkyMaxxPro (latest version) and it works fine on my iMac 5K running Sierra (macOS 10.12.6)
  5. hw314

    New CFI

    Congratulations! That's well worth being exited about.
  6. hw314

    CTD caused by SMP4

    I will do that, thank you!
  7. hw314

    CTD caused by SMP4

    Yeah, VRAM is another bag. I only have 4GB and the weather was real bad. New England winter, you know. I also think, though, that there should be a more benign result when getting close to maxed out VRAM, not just a CTD.
  8. hw314

    CTD caused by SMP4

    Thanks for the fast reply sundog! I have recently removed all the SMP stuff from the plugin folder due to a XP11 issue and then just put it back. Could that have lead to the license authentication issue? Regarding memory, I have 32GB RAM and have flown with this scenery for a long time without issues. Of course, with any new update of XP11 beta there could be a new issue introduced. I'll look into that. thank you again for your support! Hans
  9. hw314

    CTD caused by SMP4

    Got a CTD enroute from KEWR to KBOS in the JAR A330. Maybe bad METAR data? Log.txt OSXCRASH.txt
  10. hw314

    SkyMaxx Pro V4 Wow!

    +1 An absolute Must Have!
  11. SMP 3.2 keeps crashing my XP. Not amused Log.txt