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  1. Saab V1.5 Status

    Has the new version been tested with native VR? Thanks
  2. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    With high-end add-on planes costing 100-150 Euro and top-tier graphic cards costing 1100 Euro (if you can find one), 300-400 does not seem that expensive, does it?
  3. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    These prices are not what is general found in Europe. Sorry to hear that they are still that expensive at your region. Hopefully this will change in the near future! I do not use my HMD for general gaming that often, you may consider them gimmicky at that, but for lower-end flight training and flight simulation, oh boy...it is the best cost-benefit solution by far. A 400 Euro investment will get you a realistic flight-deck environment for every aircraft you own! How can you beat that? Have you tried XP11 native VR with touch controls implementation yet? I am sure that your "cautiously optimistic" stance would change rather quickly once you start interacting with all those knobs and switches. I remember when I started using VR many months ago, all the reaction I would get was skepticism. That is around 50-50 now!
  4. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    Well, besides FSW, all civilian flight-sim platforms have implemented native VR in the last months. It may be a small percentage of the market now, but I would think it would wise for developers to stay ahead of the curve and begin to adapt their products for VR. Both Laminar Research and Lockheed Martin are very outspoken about how this technology will impact the market. If you fly in VR once, there is usually no turning back. And, considering that HMDs are starting to get really cheap, I think we will see an exponential growth of the user-base in the next year.
  5. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    With native VR now implemented in XP11, would it be fair to expect some kind of support for VR? I have bought Skymaxx but has stopped using it long ago, since it did not work correctly with Flyinside. I have briefly tested with Native VR and the problems remain, specially the rotating clouds, something that does not happen with stock clouds.
  6. [Solved]IXEG 1.1 Crashing after loading - XP11

    You are right. It seems to be related with the scenery. Thanks for the help!
  7. Crashes right after loading the airplane. Tried in multiple airports. Could only activate the Aircraft after loading a situation with a different Plane. Attached Gizmo and X-Plane Logs. No other plugins were running besides GIZMO and the default ones. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  8. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    It seems to happen only when you are using VR/Flyinside. Tried every possible script/dataref setting. This happens even with default jetliners such as the 737, but not onmilitary jets. Already alerted the devs on Flyinside.
  9. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    Ok. On the hypoxia thing, got a #$&#¨&(@ blackout, again, after 1 hour of flight. Seems I have to find a way either to remove that effect from X-Plane for good, to force the cabin altitude to stay way below 7500ft or to play with the PRESSUREBLEED setting.
  10. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    So, I had success on the first test using a Lua script with the settings suggested by cosmopilot. I also rechecked the Planemaker configuration, as suggested by Janov. For everyone with the problem, they should download the latest Fly With Lua and then create a NoHypoxia.lua file on notepad and paste as following: dataref("PRESSUREBLEED", "sim/cockpit2/pressurization/actuators/bleed_air_mode", "writable") PRESSUREBLEED = 5 Then save it. If you have problems getting Fly With Lua to run on XP11, be sure to check this thread and download the latest Zip file listed. I am doing my second flight with the IXEG and the cabin altitude has not gone over 7500ft. Will report if I run into problems. Thanks guys!
  11. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    Thanks! As reported on the other forum, I am using Flyinside/VR and always getting the hypoxia scenario. When flying without VR, the pressurization is still a problem, but no blackout happens. On the default 737 pressurization works fine and no blackouts with or without VR. I did not take any screenshots, but on the default 737 the cabin altitude stopped climbing at 7500ft. On the IXEG it kept raising well above 18000ft.
  12. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    Yes, I am not getting the alarm and am sure that everything is set up correctly. Even if I click on the pre-set ready to fly, I get the hypoxia problem. Just did a flight now and it happened after 25min or so. Never experienced this on XP10.
  13. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    So, I got a black screen after 1 hour of flight. Does that mean that I am a bad pilot and did not set the pressurization correctly or could there be any bus involved? Also, I seem to loose the cockpit sounds (switches, instruments, etc) after taking off. I do not have any JARDesign plugin installed.
  14. The IXEG 737 looks outstanding in Flyinside with my Oculus-Rift. It is surely the prettiest VC in X-Plane and the immersion is unbelievable. I just installed X-Plane 11 and took the 737 for a spin and was mesmerized. The only problem I have is programming the FMC. While it is doable, I would prefer to use an external solution. I have tried AirFMC, but I cannot get it to work. Is it a XP11 issue? Any other ways of accessing the FMC from outside the simulator?
  15. A question regarding Download links

    Yes, I´ve ended up finding my installer in one of my external hard-drives. I would just like to understand the reason behind this policy. It seems like a double-DRM to me. The problem is not limiting the downloads in my opinion, but that I can only download the file up to a certain date. Cheers