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  1. gcbraun

    KORD - No Synthetic Vision

    Hello, when I was landing at KORD (nimbus v2), I had no synthetic vision for the airport (RW22R). On the same flight, I did have it for the default KMTC airport, so it was activated and I am wondering what I can do to also get it at KORD. Thanks
  2. gcbraun

    Weather and ice effects VR?

    I can`t understand how top-tier developers can`t afford VR glasses. It costs less than 200 Euros nowadays.
  3. gcbraun

    Weather and ice effects VR?

    The TBM seems to be working fine on 11.30 beta. Already done multiple flights with it. Hopefully this means that the VR effects are coming sooner rather than later.
  4. gcbraun

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    Same issue on 11.3. This white shadow of the aircraft remains visible when moving your head around, especially in VR. Knowing it is a beta, of course I will patiently wait for a fix.
  5. gcbraun

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    Any idea when VR windshield effects will be fixed?
  6. gcbraun

    TBM 900 v1.0.7 Update Released!

    Hello, are the windshield effects in VR fixed with this update? Thanks
  7. gcbraun

    Some immediate VR bugs

    Yes that is the same issue I have. Hopefully there is a fix for this relatively soon.
  8. gcbraun

    Some immediate VR bugs

    I think they mentioned that the manipulators ans knobs will be fixed relatively soon. Are you also experiencing problems with the windshield effects in VR?
  9. gcbraun

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Looking forward for VR support! Haven`t used Skymaxx since a long time because of that.
  10. gcbraun


    Well, before buying I have asked if VR was supported and got a confirmation from the developer that it was. I know that there are more pressing bugs to attend to at this point, but I just wanted a confirmation if this will be, eventually, fixed. The problem with weather effects in VR is that they do not appear correctly on the windshield, rather on the lower left-corner of the left eye in the VR googles. This makes operating the aircraft in bad WX scenario not really possible. Thanks!
  11. gcbraun


    I am also interested in knowing this. Currently it is a deal-breaker for me as well.
  12. gcbraun

    VR compatibility

    Thanks for the answer. Actually I have a pretty good experience with VR with pretty much on every aircraft that claims to supports it. Rain-effects work even on the IXEG (and also on multiple others), so I am hoping that a fix is possible.
  13. gcbraun

    VR compatibility

    Hello, I have asked in another topic if the plane was VR compatible and got a positive answer. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case, at least not completely. For instance, rain effects are completely bugged in VR and they actually show up below the windshield, making the aircraft unusable in bad weather scenarios. I have also noticed that the 2D Throttle UI that appears is visible in the lower part of the VR goggles, something that is distracting and immersion reducing. Is a fix planned, at least for the rain effects?
  14. gcbraun

    TBM-900 Release Date Announcement & Previews!

    Is it VR compatible?