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  1. JoaoVBettu

    Avitab integration for the IXEG

    YES! Great work. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks, that's exactly what I was going to answer him. Good to see that I'm not the only one that wants something else than wingflex.
  3. You gotta be kidding. I'd prefer no external modelling at all for a flawless FMS.
  4. JoaoVBettu

    xEnviro Weather SDK

    Great, thanks a lot.
  5. JoaoVBettu

    xEnviro Weather SDK

    Hello IXEG team. The xEnviro developer announced on his Facebook they'll be releasing really soon a Weather SDK for aircraft developers to integrate it on their aircraft. He said he was already talking to JARDesign and FlightFactor. Will IXEG also be integrated with the new xEnviro version? Thanks.
  6. JoaoVBettu

    position of the main menu

    Yeah but in my case is the opposite, so it's fine the way it is.
  7. JoaoVBettu

    IXEG 1.1 XP11 Demonstration

    Yes, of course... I said perfect meaning we can fly usually, without major issues.
  8. JoaoVBettu

    IXEG 1.1 XP11 Demonstration

    Complete flight from KBOS to KLGA with the IXEG 737-300 v1.1 in XP11. It's working almost perfectly.
  9. JoaoVBettu

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    T- 30 hours and counting...
  10. JoaoVBettu

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    I'd like this option.