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  1. SavageNachine

    Bugs with XP 11.40

    Thanks Litjan for your help. However, I found that each time that I started the simulator the problem returned. Are you using MFG Crosswinds? I think there maybe some kind of conflict with the axis assignment. The toe brakes return after I recalibrate the pedals using the MFG Crosswind calibration tool. Then use the X-plane calibration tool. This hasn't happen before.
  2. SavageNachine

    Bugs with XP 11.40

    I'm using X-plane 11.40 and I have no wheel brakes on the IXEG737. I checked both payware and default x-plane aircraft and the wheel brakes work. it seems like it's only this aircraft. I have MFG crosswinds for rudder/brake pedals. The wheel brakes worked in x-plane 11.36. Log.txt
  3. SavageNachine

    Thrust reversers and nosewheel

    The nosewheel turns on the IXEG 737 when activating the thrust reversers. The aircraft is stationery with engines started and idling, parking brake on. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm puzzled.
  4. SavageNachine

    Saab 340 v1.5 - Nav and radio's don't show correctly

    I'm sorry. I will in the future. Thank you birdy, it's been a while since I flew this aircraft.
  5. SavageNachine

    Saab 340 v1.5 - Nav and radio's don't show correctly

    The GPS won't power on. Log.txt
  6. SavageNachine


    Thanks Cameron. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  7. SavageNachine


    I'm trying to reinstall SkyMaxxPro4.6 in X-plane 10.51. I keep getting this error. Error fetching URL http://www.x-aviation.com/merchant/wrapper.php when using SkyProMaxx4.6 installer. I installed SkyMaxxPro 3.32 with no problem. When using a browser for the above web address it goes to a log in screen. Iv'e also check the forums, i'm just wondering if anyone can help me with the installation error.
  8. SavageNachine

    Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    I can't wait either. I want to download right now.
  9. That live video yesterday brought my X-plane experience to another level. I kept wondering why I wasn't getting the results others were having. The information from that session is invaluable imho. We all learn differently through reading,video, and listening. The cash that I spent for SkyMaxx Pro 4 with the Realweather connector is money well spent.
  10. I must say that the information being given, helped me with my frame rates. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  11. SavageNachine

    FPS a big problem

    If your willing to give this a try, turn your cloud detail down to 10%. I have an R9 380 as well 4GB. I'll enclose my log text. Log.txt