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    P.180 Avanti II

    It's a joy to fly this piece of art but pls remove the reflections from the glass surfaces (ND, PFD). Somehow a snapshot of the base (Runway, taxiway or even the mesh below while flying) is taken and a (moving) reflection of that view are being shown on these screens which makes an already hard to read screens unreadable. Pls see attached screenshots taken while taxiing on apron within a few seconds. This was a clear weather and at around 10 AM in the morning and I could not find a way to increase the clarity of the screens - I guess the correct word for it is contrast. Hope these will be sorted out soon to make this beauty more realistic. I wonder if it is my installation gone wrong somehow or not but I tested on Win 10, XP 11.20vr1. I will now install it to my other XP installation v11.11r2 to see if it is the same. EDIT: Contrast in the VC is fine in XP 11.11r2, also the reflections from outside is not on screens. My Bad, I am sorry for testing it in 11.20vr1 first. Nice job. (S/shot 3) GizmoLog.txt