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  1. I asked another developer a few weeks ago about LPV approaches seeing that the plane he develops uses Honeywell Primus in most cases. I was also wondering whether it could be implemented in X-Plane seeing that, as Ben pointed out, GPS data in XPX is highly accurate and basically the plane has to follow the decent path from the chart. It's more of a novelty to be honest and maybe Jan can comment on LPV approaches in real life from a professional point of view?
  2. And when people do release an unfinished product with heavy expectation some people go bonkers... For example wing flex. For some reason wing flex is super important to some people. I think there's too many FSX movies out there with someone sitting in the window seat showcasing modified/tinkered videos of a plane landing or taking off and the wing.... FLEXING. And then there's 50 shades of flex too. Some like it loose, some like it tight. And no one really knows just how much flex should be present. I'm just happy to be in the cockpit and landing. The fictional passengers are happy too I suppose.
  3. ckZA


    I use X-Camera chronically. And that's down to TrackIR. Sometimes I want to see something in the plane (FMC / right side of plane) and the angle of TrackIR will go to its limit or make it a bit hard to operate (in the case of the FMC). I just map static views and flip between them from my joystick d-pad and back to my TrackIR view. I think what Vantskruv is thinking about is for example the A/T indicators that dynamically pop up on the screen. Seeing that X-Camera is basically an extension of the built-in viewer I personally doubt it will mess around with such indications as I've seen that animation pop up even when looking externally at the 737 during takeoff from Jan's videos. The only time X-Camera gives me a "problem" is when a plane has static custom views (Saab 340 as an example - it will go to a view I select and then go back to default view - in this case trackir) or a walk around procedure with interactive click spots. Then I typically disable it for that walk around and then enable it once I am in the cockpit again or I just map the custom views of the plane to X-Camera views.
  4. ckZA

    Super low FPS with a pretty good computer

    Have a look at your GPU settings (right click desktop -> Nvidia Control Panel) -> you can try mine and see if it helps. Especially the Power mode and Threaded Optimization. https://gyazo.com/f9085c3b2d13c77d104a4b249b3feee8Top half of settings https://gyazo.com/b88d946eb82b77f4679e7ec0b54e1999Bottom half of settings Next, for FlywithLua make sure you got the latest and applicable (32bit or 64bit) Python 3.5 installed. Also, try a different plane if you can. And for me at least, uninstalling Geforce Experience and stopping NVbackend.exe from my startup also stopped that 15-20% CPU usage.
  5. To no one in general: Disable SMP3, crank cloud detail up to 40% and see the performance then. I've had zero issues with SMP3 looking at performance. It's been better in most cases. World2XP Ortho HD Mesh Complex airports High settings Incorrect NVidia settings... That's where you take the hit. If you think that because I got xGb Vram and I can work my way towards the limit, you are in for a bumpy ride. If XPX tells you it's using 1GB, you can be sure that real usage is 2x or more. When VRAM is full, you will slow down while old ram is loaded out and new ones are loaded in. While your PC is running, XPX is not the only thing consuming VRAM too. I set my sim up with the following steps looking at performance at each step: 1.) XPX with standard world scenery 2.) HD MESH 3.) NV settings 4.) Airports (aka non library dependent airports) 5.) Adjust ingame settings 5.) SMP3.0 plus weather injector 6.) Word2XP and Orthophoto. 7.) Adjust ingame settings. I've attached three screenshots from KSFO - no World2XP. I'm running a 4GB orthophoto tile with custom 3.2 million triangle mesh, SMP3.0 and Skymax Audio. 4.6GB VRAM use. Notice my in game settings - I don't want more than 4.5GB VRAM use and I'm edging over it even though there's 6GB. Edit: I run 1440p resolution even though I have a 4K monitor. If XPX supported SLi, two 980Ti' might come close to rendering 4k and high levels of intensity (Mesh / Ortho / W2XP). We're still some time away from 4K performance on a single GPU. In game with all the above If I disable SMP3.0, go up to 40% clouds I drop 100mb in VRAM and the FPS goes down 10fps.
  6. ckZA

    SMP v3 Live Weather Micro Pauses and Settings

    "In NYC (with DD's NYC & NYC Airports) with default SMP v3 settings I have very little ram left, about 100 with fps in the 20s. The sim is still very smooth." If the OP is talking about the VRAM usage in XPX: I run HD mesh, orthophoto's and some World2XP - even then, out of my 6GB Vram I don't like it touching 4GB and above. Headroom helps a lot with transitions. If you have nothing left then some ram has to be cleared for new ones to come in. You will wait this out. Also remember that the GTX970 only has 3.5GB VRAM - the remaining 500mb is not that fast and people got their pitchforks out earlier this year when a bunch of people were pushing their GPU's at 4K res and extreme graphics settings in other games and ran into stuttering - which is not entirely relevant here as stuttering vs pausing is two different things to the eye. But, both are due to VRAM running out. DD's NY series is awesome, but you will run into pauses when the weather reloads and SMP reloads the clouds along with you moving in the scenery. If this scenery has hd mesh and relative high rendering settings you will run out of VRAM and you will pause as the engine redraws. If I fly in NY or EHAM (the most intensive airports imho) - then I reduce some settings to make that more FPS friendly. But most important of all, I keep an eye on my VRAM and even then I don't do it in game as that does not indicate actual VRAM usage. On the flipside, if you run out of system RAM that is in itself a easy fix, either reduce open programs or get more RAM which is quite cheap these days (unless it's DDR4).
  7. ckZA

    AIRAC File

    First post here, but I'm a Navigraph user too and just went into a year's subscription with AIRAC and Charts. Would be a bit of a pain to subscribe to Aerosoft too. Not a complete deal breaker - just my $0.02.
  8. ckZA

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 3.0 Release Date

    Hey... what's the keyboard shortcut to accelerate real life time? Can't wait for this. Been using FS Global Weather with V2 this week and it's been the best weather / cloud combo I've had in XPX. V3 will hopefully blow the lid off of this.