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  1. Hi Cameron,

    I hope you can help me. I am a first time customer and I bought a copy of your DC3 November 9, 2016 but could not install it because of an issue between your installer and my Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra. I was told your company was aware of the issue and expected a fix very soon. I have waited patiently for something to be done but as yet, am still without the use of my purchased product. I did, at the time, click the product notifications box on my account page but have received no notice of updates. I have just today learned from a friend, that there is an update available but when I view my account history there is no blue highlighted update link on my purchase history page. I have tried a couple of times prior to this to send a ticket requesting help but have had no confirmation nor response. 

    I can only assume there must be something amiss with my account as I am certain you would not ignore a new customer's request for help. I do hope there is something you can do for me as I am quite anxious to fly your highly regarded DC 3.

    Attached please find a screen capture of my purchase history page which shows no blue highlighted update link. I initially tried twice to install the DC3 using two separate downloads which leaves me with one remaining download which I am now afraid to try lest that too fails and I am out of luck and out of pocket $47CAD.

    I look forward to your response.



    Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.09.50 PM.png