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  1. Another XP11 Data Point--MOSTLY SOLVED

    Well, well, well! This is just plain weird. I did as you said and duplicated the IXEG profile and used it. No problems! But then I figured it was working because hydraulics was enabled, as for the 737. So I disabled that. And it still worked. Then I one-by-one duplicated all the previous force settings from the "defective" Saab profile. And guess what? It still worked fine! An utter puzzlement. In any case, perhaps Jim and Goran ought disregard parts of my orginal post. I'll continue to investigate and remain baffled. Any ideas Mister Merelles? Oh, and could you share your Saab yoke profile with me when you get around to creating it? I suspect you have a few more RW flight hours than I. Best, marshall
  2. Jim and Goran, Again with the understanding that this is not an XP11 airplane yet, here might be another few items to come to grips with as the port progresses: Altitude does not acquire. The FD displays a nose-down cue. The AP pitches *most* of the way down, but not enough. The airplane keeps slowly climbing, or descending, as the case may be. Also, and this may be yoke-related (Brunner CLS-E, using their X-Plane plugin): The AP oscillates in the roll axis, gradually building, until it's necessary to disconnect the servos. I've tried this using a mouse yoke and the problem goes away. I only mention it because a high-end yoke and high-end aircraft ought to work well together and the Brunner works flawlessly with other aircraft, including the IXEG. This suggests that it's not some odd quirk of Gizmo, becasue the IXEG uses it, too. I of course could be wrong here; just something you might want to be aware of. I'll raise it with Brunner when they return from Summer vacation. Additionally, the ALT hold command only sporadically illuminates and rarely works. Finally you might (MIGHT ) want to revisit the ground effect. It has very little. Then again, the real one ain't exactly the Gimli Glider, is it now? And just to reiterate, I'm passing this on with the full and complete knowledge the plane is not fully XP11 compatible. I hope readers don't think otherwise and doubt your product because of it. I understand why you might be reluctant to even permit the use of it on the new platform. That said, I'm glad you have. When the AP became untenable for me last night, I still managed to fly an ILS approach down to mins at KMRY, including the procedure turn. It went perfectly and was a pleasure to hand-fly. Bravo to you both! Best, marshall
  3. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Greg, As regards XEnviro, it does a few key things in addition to rendering the sky as nicely as I've ever seen in XP, even when compared against the skies I normally see around my part of the country: 1) It sometimes produces vicious, abrupt windshear. Perhaps that's what trashed your flaps. 2) It apparently dances all over some under-the-hood bits and pieces of the sim, which means it's not shocking it should be a crash-magnet. Sigh. That said, my real challenge in this magnificent plane is to come to grips with its tendency to fall out of the sky on approach and landing. It's so easy to get behind the energy curve on it. Fun! Best, marshall
  4. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Thanks, Jim. And it’s very nice to see the development tempo increasing. I know Laminar has thrown everyone a few curveballs as XP11 has rolled out. Best, marshall
  5. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Jim, Thank you for that! BTW, could you tell me where (under which heading, and the command name) to find the toggle for the nose-wheel steering? Best, Marshall
  6. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Hiya Greg! Just did a flight from your KSNA to KSFO and did not crash. I disabled XEnivro. Whether that did it, or whether it's coincidental, I don't yet know. For Goran, again with the understanding that this is not a fully XP11 plane, and that you've said so, I picked up an issue you and Jim might want to look into as you port it over. The list of commands in the Joystick and Keystroke menu of XP11 doesn't populate. I've enclosed a screenshot. And keep up the great work. It's a wonderful plane! Best, marshall
  7. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    I'll try. But, just to be clear, apart from the irregularities you mention, is XEnviro actually causing hard X-Plane crashes as well? best, Marshall
  8. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    I, too, am crashing. No JAR plugin for me. Only with the Saab. Best, Marshall GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  9. Help: SkyMaxx 4 Nukes XP11 Menu Bar Access

    Discovered a workaround for the vanishing menu: Just invoke one of the keystroke-bound boxes, such as Map (M). Then close it, et voila! The menu's accessible, again, either through mouse-hover or the Esc key. Best, Marshall
  10. Help: SkyMaxx 4 Nukes XP11 Menu Bar Access

    Appreciate it. For my part, I'll keep yanking plugins to see if there's a culprit there that's toxic in combo with SMP/RWC. A shame. Overcast from above, with the HD puffs is finally looking very plausible. And good. Pass onto Frank, though, that his choice of avoiding layer collisions by making ground fog "retreat" near low-dipping clouds seems somewhat more artfully hidden, but not much. IMO the visual oddities of such "collisions" are still preferable to the visual oddities of fog "retreating" or "advancing" as you climb or descend. One jars a little. The other makes shooting instrument approaches unfaithful to RW. Best, Marshall
  11. >====>Preface, because Cameron thinks I've got an axe to grind: It's a MUCH improved program visually, and performance appears good. Also, I do understand it's a Day One release running on a beta platform. That said. . .Simple but fatal problem: The SkyMaxx and/or RWC plugin makes accessing the top menu bar impossible. Symptoms are repeatable and go away when SilverLining and RWC folders are removed from resources/plugins. They return when this is reversed. Accessing SkyMaxx's config window sets it off. Once it is opened and closed or, sometimes opened and "apply" is invoked, the menu bar becomes inaccessible. Neither moving the mouse to the top nor hitting the ESC or ALT key brings it back. It also corrupts the 3D panels of some, but not all, planes, turning some of the parts white. Rebooting Gizmo doesn't help. Nor does rebooting SASL. Again, this is totally repeatable and reversible. And, again, clashes with the personnel, notwithstanding, the product looks significantly improved. I have a video on this. I'm holding off posting it until you guys have a cance to diagnose and fix the problem. Best, Marshall MAXX_METAR.rwx GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  12. Skymaxx V4.0 Beta High Altitude Shots

    To Yidahoo, Lovely pictures. . .Now back to the fights. To Cameron, "Im really puzzled by this continued dialog which has undertones of distrust, frankly I am getting sick of it since it isn't what we are about." And there's the nub of it, wounded pride, and a sense of being misunderstood. A friend does high-level PR and hears this a lot. CEOs tell her this and she gives them a simple answer: Tough. Too bad. Suck it up. She also asks them to consider what they've done to earn this impression, because the alternative is they've got a uniquely different bunch of customers and, even if they do, it's suicidal to let the customers know that. So her bottom line to these executives is if they think they're misunderstood, mistrusted, etc., then they have somehow earned it. For Cameron, ask yourself why IXEG is not mistrusted, why LES is not mistrusted, why both have earned a reservoir of good will and SkyMaxx has not. As for your wounded pride, because you yourself know you're not getting rich, it's hard work, you put in long hours, the X-Plane platform makes it hard to develop weather add-ons in: All of that is praiseworthy. And irrelevant. Person-to-person? I admire it. Truly. Customer to company, especially if the product is subpar? I. Could. Not. Care. Less. Best, Marshall
  13. Skymaxx V4.0 Beta High Altitude Shots

    Gcharrie, I'll just say I'll be as happy as anyone if you're right. Best, Marshall
  14. Skymaxx V4.0 Beta High Altitude Shots

    Frank, Then I'll be very straightforward. This customer uses both and would dearly love it if your product were as good as, or better than, the competition. The Saab is. The IXEG, within their own stated limitations, is close. SkyMaxx, in my view, and with all due respect to your hard work and good intentions, simply is not. Perhaps not yet. Perhaps not ever. That's your riddle to solve. Best, Marshall
  15. Skymaxx V4.0 Beta High Altitude Shots

    Appreciate it, Saul. Amen to recognition and acceptance. I know a news anchor who once praised a writer of his this way: "You take 'I hate it' better than anyone I know." Which, in this anchor's case, was really just extreme shorthand for saying that his writer knew how to mine criticism for ways of improving the end product. Ah, but we're speaking in parables, now, aren't we? And I'm looking forward to a high quality release, too. Best, Marshall