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  1. SRSR333

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Understood; that's only fair from the company's perspective. I look forward to the IXEG 737 v1.1; it's landing soon. Great job on the recent flurry of updates, to everyone here at X-Aviation.
  2. SRSR333

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Completely fair enough; that was my first question, if needing to renew a license was more effective at combating piracy than a one-time activation. You mean SaaS, or software as a service? I have my doubts about the subscription model, given that I'd rather pay once, and use the software forever—it is mine to do as I see fit, instead of being tied down to a subscription that may stop any time I have less money than needed in the bank (quite a common case for university students). But then again, that is my opinion, and obviously, given the popularity of Adobe CC/Office 365 etc, my views don't exactly reflect those of the majority.
  3. SRSR333

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    I don't see how that is relevant, but... OK, if you say so.
  4. SRSR333

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    My point exactly, that the X-Plane way, of having to 're-activate' an already-activated license is more troublesome than doing it the Microsoft way: activate once, then it's forever activated. No 'two week' timeouts whatsoever. I'm curious—is there a reason why the activations aren't done this way? Or does the Gizmo activation somehow tie in with the fact that the X-Plane copy it is running on is a valid license or not?
  5. SRSR333

    Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Why not do it like Microsoft/Steam/other software licenses, instead of the (rather more troublesome) X-Plane way? Phone home the first time only, activate the product, and that's it? Or would that be such a significant regression in piracy control that it is not done? I mean, the recent changes to how the X-Aviation store works are extremely welcome, but this still feels a little... dated, having to re-activate every time the license 'expires'.
  6. Great! I look forward to the patch, thank you.
  7. Hello IXEG, I was flying the Heathrow Overload event on VATSIM yesterday with the 733 and took the below route: VEBIT3W/28 VEBIT T51 LASUN UT10 RLP UL613 DIDOR UT10 ALESO BIG3B I didn't program in the final BIG3B STAR as I knew it was out of date, and waited for LON_CTR to give me an approach instead, and I was given the BIG4B arrival. I descended through the arrival and passed the BIG VOR, and immediately, Gizmo crashed with red text appearing in the log. For some reason, though, it didn't really appear to affect my flight as I could subsequently program the runway 27L ILS approach and land successfully. However, I believe this error is worth looking at. Attached are my logs. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  8. SRSR333

    FMC button press animations

    As long as it's on the list, that's good! I can hope to see this someday, then, even if it's not so soon One more question, though, also relevant to the FMC: when inputting a route by hand on the B777 FMC (at least, the one by Flightfactor), we need only insert the VIA airways on the left and the FMC automatically calculates the intersection fix and adds it into the TO field. This makes adding flight plans by hand fairly fast, even for relatively long ones. On the IXEG 733, however, we need to manually insert both VIA and TO airways and way-points respectively, which is quite time consuming. I haven't flown the B733 in real life (nor any other plane, for that matter... ), so I'm assuming the simulated behaviour is the real thing. Despite this... is it possible to include the Triple Seven™ behaviour to the 733? I frequently fly plans that reach the very edge of the 733's range which can turn out to be quite long, and Simbrief doesn't have a way to export generated flight plans to the IXEG required formatting, so I find that entering plans by hand is simpler. But it still takes a significant amount of time.
  9. Hello everyone. The IXEG is as always, a great plane to fly (notwithstanding bugs that crop up occasionally), but there's one niggling issue that could greatly help those who wish to record their flights without the cursor—the FMC buttons, when clicked on, could be animated to depress instead of them being fixed in place as they currently are, so that viewers of the recorded video can see which keys are being pressed. Understandably each FMC has some sixty to seventy-odd buttons, so animating all of them would be quite tedious; but I hope this is considered for a future update (perhaps not 1.1, since I suppose that is nearing completion, but maybe 1.2 or so?) Thanks much, and keep developing, guys.
  10. Thanks for that! However, genuine question: what does Windows Defender have to do with GPU usage and the FMC? How was the fix narrowed down to this?
  11. Hi guys, I was making a flight from LFMN (Nice Cote d'Azur) to LOWI (Innsbruck), and I took off, relatively smoothly and attained cruise. When I wanted to change my mach number, I entered digits (.600) into the scratchpad, and the EXEC key was illuminated. Then I noticed X-Plane was stuttering like crazy. The framerate dipped to the single digits, then quickly climbed back to 40+, dipped again, climbed again, so and so. When I went to check the GPU usage in GPU-Z, the usage also correspondingly dropped to zero percent. So what was a continuous red bar at 100% was now resembling a bar code, with red lines indicating wildly fluctuating usage. I'm not sure if the GPU usage dropped because the FMC made X-Plane lag, or the FMC lagged because the GPU usage went down. Either way, it is quite clear that once I confirm my action (press the EXEC key), the usage returns to normal. Is this a known issue to be fixed in V1.1?
  12. Hi IXEG, A short while ago I was (as of this writing, am still on) a flight in VATSIM, climbing out of EGKK, when I engaged LNAV, then the 'A' autopilot, and Gizmo crashed. LNAV was completely inoperative after that, but VNAV worked fine, oddly enough. I had just updated to v1.0.6. Attached is the current GizmoLog.txt; I attemped to fix the FMC by rebooting Gizmo several times to no avail. This error message especially caught my eye: error: 10877.192: Callback_Dref_Hooked_setDataf: cdu1_lsk_1R_OnWrite: [string "ixeg.733.fmc.route.lua.aes"]:2158: attempt to index a nil value Hope this is fixed soon. GizmoLog.txt EDIT: I just noticed several other topics mentioning this very issue, and that the developer would issue an 'emergency patch' shortly - please ignore this additional bug report.
  13. Happy to have helped made a great product better, Captain Jan!
  14. Hi IXEG, I was about to fly the 733 from Zurich when it was lit up in VATSIM, and I wanted to set up my frequencies, when I noticed this occur on the forward pedestal: There's a thin line of sunlight from the outside peeking in, beginning at the EXP VOR/ILS label, going just beyond the NAV1 display, turning a right angle to the right, and going into the CARGO DETECTION SUPPRESSION panel. This gives me a feeling that there's an error with the 3D mesh of the aircraft - or is this behaviour normal? For further information, I was at gate E 19 at LSZH, at approximately 1321 Z time, facing heading 280.
  15. I'm really, really sorry, but this comes across as incredibly rude to a customer who has asked a valid question. I wasn't debating - I asked a question, and it was brushed aside with your response - quite literally, you just said: 'we know more than you, so shut up and use what you bought.' I've enjoyed the product so far, given it raving reviews on several other forums, and when I come here with a single question - it's deleted/locked without an explanation given, or rudely shot down like this. Why not elaborate on why we need hard-coded directories for the plane to work? In fact, I'm genuinely curious as to why this requirement is so singular to the 737, as well as the technicalities behind it. Honestly.