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  1. ipaxton

    What ati bug in RC10.10

    Same as Leerjet except I have a HD6770
  2. ipaxton

    Default Aircrafts are they Copyrighted?

    I saw that thread the other day that cockpit looks really good. Also thanks for the info I just wanted to be clear it was copyrighted material. I've too seen people in the past post default aircrafts from FS9 and FSX.
  3. I've never seen anyone redistrubute a default aircraft on the Org til tonight and It had me wondering are the default aircrafts copyright material?
  4. ipaxton

    What did you buy today?

    I just upgraded my pc about 2 weeks ago with the Radeon XTX 6770 and a 600W thermal lake power supply. I will tell you I HATE the thermal lake PSU it's loud until I start up either X-Plane 10 or Arma 2. I currently have a HP machine with AMD A6-3600 2.2Ghz quad-core, 1Tb hd, 8Gb of ram. All for about $500 dollars at Best Buy. Now with my new video card I have X-Plane 10 almost maxed out and getting around 30fps which I'm happy with. Only thing I don't have turned up is clouds, traffic, and water. Doesn't chomp through x-plane like Camron's machine does but I'm ok with it right now.
  5. ipaxton

    X-plane 11???

    I wouldn't say ridiculous more just looking to make Plane Maker easier for me and other people.
  6. ipaxton

    X-plane 11???

    I would like to also see plane maker be easier to use. Be able to shape your parts and drag and drop where you want it at instead of using a table system. Also would be nice to be able to move your aircraft around in a 3D wireframe mode instead of side, top and bottom and front and back. Also, better explanation of what some of the tools do as im not a aeronatuical engineer and I have no flipping clue how to use air foil maker either. Would be even better if we didn't have to resort to blender, 3DMax, or Maya or whatever you use just to get a better looking aircraft. Unless Plane Maker is more powerful then I really think it is and I just don't understand it. Well anyways, I like the thought of a drag and drop system to Plane Maker.
  7. ipaxton

    Beta 9 Sound Issues

    Yeah I read about gizmo and sasl and removed the plugin for gizmo and got my sounds back. Also i rather be on the stable version as I noticed Austin is messing with the flight model again for super sonic flight. Oh well atleast I got my sounds back and the SSJ-100 flies alot better now.
  8. ipaxton

    Beta 9 Sound Issues

    Having some issues with sound when installing new aircrafts in beta 9. I bought the Pitts S2S installed it and the engine sounds are all garbled, sounds like running water in a way, And the same thing happened when I bought the SSJ-100. Tried a couple of freeware aircrafts and don't have any problems with them. Edit: Problem solved, went back down to 10.05r1
  9. ipaxton

    X-plane 11???

    Engine maker would be sweet.
  10. ipaxton

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    Glad someone is doing a 3D pit to this plane it needed some TLC.
  11. ipaxton

    X-Aviation Website Down?

    Ah ok cool now it works.
  12. I was just trying to go to the website and got a "No site configured at this address" that was going through google. Then I tried typing the address in and it said page failed to load. Did I possibly miss anything about downtime?
  13. ipaxton

    Microsoft Flight

    I can see microsoft making "Flight" available for xbox 360, unfortunately though with flight being marketed as a game not a sim I don't see it doing that well specially with hard-core simmers. 1600 microsoft points for the rest of the Hawaiian islands which is $19.99. Can you imagine how much money you would have to spend for the whole world? I guess I just don't see the big picture here as I can't see how Flight will survive.
  14. Deleting my preferences worked thank you again. I did noticed what you said about applying alot of negative g's it shuts the engines down as the fuel flows away from the engines which makes sense. Anyways thanks again and hopefully I won't have to keep deleting the preferences.
  15. Ok thanks Philipp for the feed back. I'll go ahead and try deleting my preferences and see where that leads. Thanks again.