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  1. cpl159

    SkyMaxx crashing in x-plane 10

    Thanks Frank, deleting maxx_metar.rwx file did it, C Longo
  2. Guys, When opening up real weather connector to change from automatic to always, x-plane crashes. I tried uninstalling both skymaxx and real weather connector and reinstalling both with the same results. Hopefully it's something simple that I'm overlooking, Thanks C. Longo Log.txt Cycle Dump.txt MAXX_METAR.rwx METAR.rwx Event viewer.txt
  3. cpl159

    Is v4 really dropping FPS so much?

    Hello,I just want to say thank you to x-aviation and sundog software for this great product. I'm actually getting better performance than in skymax 3. In skymax 4, I was able to increase cloud draw. Here are some pics to show my settings. Computer specs are: I7 4770@ overclocked to 4.4, GTX780 running 3 monitors w/nvidia surround 32G ram@1866 CL9 X-Plane 10. I haven't tried X-Plane 11 yet. Chris Longo
  4. cpl159

    Thank you IXEG

    I also agree! I can't get enough of this bird. keep up the good work!
  5. cpl159

    Nvidia driver warning (364.47)

    Thanks for the heads up HiFlyer.
  6. cpl159

    Soundmaxx Pro question

    Hello, I sent that email to TSS a while ago. IMO, If you want a really good sounding aircraft, get the Saab340a. LES did an outstanding job using TSS sounds. Watch some youtube videos and you will see, C. Longo
  7. cpl159

    Saab crashing

    I removed Saitek plugin and no more crashes, Thanks Ben
  8. cpl159

    Saab crashing

    Sim crashes every time I try to fly. This time ,I never made it to the runway. Logs attached,thanks C. Longo Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  9. cpl159

    Gizmo problem again

    Hello, I'm having issues tying to fly the saab. It seems to be something with gizmo again. Please see attached files, Chris Longo GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  10. cpl159

    No nav radio readouts

    Here's the log text for gizmo, C LongoGizmoLog.txt
  11. cpl159

    No nav radio readouts

    Hello, Everything in the aircraft seems to be working except for the nav radios. might be something to do with gizmo, Thanks C Longo Log.txt
  12. cpl159

    Error: Console_ Canvas_OnDraw

    I think I solved this problem by deleting Saitekpanels.ini. Maybe it doesn't get along with gizmo, anyways completed an hour flight without any problems. C Longo
  13. cpl159

    Error: Console_ Canvas_OnDraw

    Thank you Ben for the quick response, Chris
  14. cpl159

    Error: Console_ Canvas_OnDraw

    Hello, While cruising in the Saab 340A, I got this message. I've never had this come up in x plane 10.40b10 before. The aircraft seemed to keep flying but without the MFD. What could this be and is there a solution to correct it? I'm on windows 7, running skymaxx, hd mesh3 in hdr mode. This is the third time in a row that this message popped up. The saab ver is 1.3, thanks Chris LongoLog.txt