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  1. AmericanFL

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    @UA90 hold on I think I got the message misinterpreted. I was meaning to say that this is an awesome aircraft. Before ,during while I had x plane 10 early version, I would often fly the Boeing 747. It's the first sim I've had thus far, and the first to have all the things I've listed above. It was a decent aircraft in my book at the time being. Then I came across Aerobridge with there dc10. Awesome aircraft. Then I came across the freeware 777 200 and 300 besides aerobridge if you know what I'm talking about. Then I came across their 777 project. To me my impresssion of flying in a sim gradually changed since day one of having a simulator. And yeah recently the default 747 is slowly loosing luster. That's pretty much why I hope this project comes to life, not to mention it's a free, up to class, 777. Tho at the same time I do hope there comes a chance for an updated 747 that isn't the-8. Not that there's anything wrong with the -8. Just something similar to this project. Decent 747 400 aircraft with ge pw and rr engine, you know. And the reason for the February saying is cause recently my computer has well, "ceased" functioning. I hope by February, where I'll get a new computer, that I'll be able to fly this master piece. I do hope I clarified what I meant on the early commentary. By no means was I trying to say it's an awful aircraft.
  2. AmericanFL

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    @Peter T. 3D cockpit, indoor cabin, decent avionics and exterior design. This is coming extremely close to the default 747 for x plane 10 and 11. Keep up the good work. Hopefully by February of next year I'll have my computer to fly it.
  3. AmericanFL

    HD PW4090 Sounds For Flight Factor 777

    are u sure it just for flight factor? no other aircraft like it can use the sound