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  1. Fab10

    SAAB Nav Display: No FP Route?

    That’s so weird, I was certain that it had the facility to show the route on the ND with EFIS zoom in/out. At least I’m not dreaming that it is and always has been a superb machine! Thanks, Fabio
  2. Hi, Such an impressive machine, and a joy to fly. I had a straightforward FP set in the GPS that the aircraft was following dutifully. The route was shown clearly on the GPS map. The ND was changed from compass rose to a low zoom level map display to show course, but the display was empty and without route. Has something changed, or have I forgotten some SAAB essentials as it has been a while since my last flight? XP 11.20 and SAAB V1.5. Thankd as always, Fabio
  3. Fab10

    Excessive Climb Rates

    Now fixed. TTFN.
  4. Fab10

    Excessive Climb Rates

    Hi, My V1.7.2 CRJ manages to climb at 3,000+ ft/min even when above FL250 using IAS270 or 0.72M even well below MAUW (XP11.05). I’m sure Bombardier would be interested in such phenomenal performance, but I’m not, as I’d prefer a saner and more realistic ROC. It is my understanding that the diminutive CRJ200 is known to have fairly aemaemic climb rates, all the more so at higher FL’s. Unless the temperature gradient has become inverted (!), I would love to be able to correct these climb rates. I am using xEnviro or NOAA for weather, but I don’t think that these climb rates are dependent on the WX engine in use. I plan to be the first in line when Javier releases the nextgen CRJ200, but until then the present CRJ is a firm favourite amongst many, including me. Please may I respectfully ask for advice and help in tackling this? With thanks, Fabio
  5. The visuals remain as they were. For me, only the performance has changed, specifically that it appears overpowered.
  6. Hi, Firstly, I'd like to thank Javier and all at X-Aviation for the CRJ200 as it is still a great favourite of mine. Running XP11.02r2 and the CRJ200 V1.7.2, I am finding that my mid-weight CRJ200 is climbing with a ROC >4000 ft/min even at FL200+ with N1 around 90%. Has it become a touch overpowered? Thanks, Fabio
  7. Fab10

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    Great news, thanks for the update. Fabio
  8. Fab10

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    I found it impossible to keep speed down whilst in the air (and on the ground too). Has there been an update?
  9. Fab10

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    Great news, I'm looking forward to the short term compatibility update just to get the MU-2 back into the air, but mostly I'm excited by thoughts of the revised paid update. Count me in! The MU-2 is too good to hangar for too long! Many thanks, Fabio
  10. Indeed, yes, take another look at the manual. Good idea, wish I had thought of that, but I did Google the question, so that's something I guess. However, I would still like to know why are there seemingly operational buttons, switches and knobs when in fact they do nothing other than make the cursor pretend something might happen. Nothing in the manual about those, or in the tutorial for that matter. You see, within the VC, some buttons, switches and knobs that have no operational capacity are just VC objects and as such are nothing more than detail, and these the cursor ignores, but then there are several that the cursor seems to respond to, yet no amount of clicking or dragging will elicit a useful response. Why the difference? By the way, it's a lovely aeroplane, and always has been. [This latest version tends to lose its way navigationally speaking on a certain approach into EGLC. I'll get more on this when next I try it.]
  11. Hi, Firstly, I'd like to thank Javier and all at X-Aviation for this unexpected Christmas present - it is gratefully received, and the peerless JRollon CRJ remains an absolute favourite. This current version, as well as older versions, have had limited overhead switch/button/knob functionality even though the mouse cursor turns into a hand to "grab" and/or "actuate" the controls, yet clicking, dragging, grabbing, etc the knob or control, there is no apparent functionality. Have I missed a dependency or some other necessary operation to obtain function from these seemingly workable buttons/switches etc? Thanks again to all, have a great Christmas! Best wishes, Fabio
  12. Fab10

    CRJ-200 New Version 1.7 for XP 10 & 11

    Appreciate the update, thanks.
  13. Fab10

    IXEG HotFix System - Currently Down

    Thank you for the update.
  14. Fab10

    Dataref's for Speed Bugs

    Yeah, right, linear, hmmm...