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  1. X-Pilot homepage update

    I was wondering why the x-pilot homepage is not updated. The latest news is announcing "SkyMaxx Pro 1.3 Update Released" which was back in February.
  2. DSF Scenery Packages - Washington Dulles (KIAD)

    It's not working for me as well.
  3. As long as they came with the same quality as Carenado's, that would be a great addition. If Carenado's came out first I would like for them to add a 2-D panel for the x-plane version, the FSX/P3D version doesn't have one.
  4. I would really love to see that B1900D converted to X-Plane.
  5. Skymaxx Pro 1.3 pink contours problem!

    I used to have an Nvidia card but when I heard that this problem was caused by the Nvidia drivers I decided to switch to AMD. As you can see, switching video cards didn't change anything. This really makes the whole x-plane experience horrible. That picture is with HDR off, if I turn on HDR the clouds look horrible.
  6. Skymaxx Pro 1.3 pink contours problem!

    Here is a screenshot Link to Log.txt
  7. Skymaxx Pro 1.3 pink contours problem!

    It's not just an Nvidia problem, I have an R9 270x with this same issue.