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    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    N481BR - google's image search https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=961&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=oCVmWp2ZCI7ojwOrr4KgBg&q=n481br&oq=n481br&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i24k1.12214.12214.0.12372. If you don't have time, maybe someone like Cessnarox could do it
  2. ryanbatc

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Any USA registrations for this addon yet? Also, is there a chance to get a glass-like texture for the windows in external view? With HDR I'm not really seeing any texture... it looks like there are no windows Thanks for v2! 38864827365_d111fac85e_o by ryan b, on Flickr
  3. ryanbatc

    USA reg for Icarus Piaggio?

    I'm not great at painting... I did some textures for FSX a long time ago and it took forever, and they didn't look that good hehe.
  4. Anyone know where to find some USA registered liveries for the recently released freeware P180? I think there's only two paints included non USA.
  5. I'm trying to use the v1.7 version of the Mu2 in XP11. For some reason the parking brake doesn't hold the plane from inching forward. I also noticed my power levers are somewhat forward. My CH throttle config in the controls setup seems normal. I seem to be already at 35% trq when my throttle is at idle. Also the aircraft seems to be very unstable about the longitudinal axis... it will roll mostly left but sometimes right with minimal aileron input. Finally the pitch wheel on the lower console doesn't seem to move when I'm attempting to change pitch with ALT SEL on. Is anyone flying this in XP11? Any tips?
  6. Log attached. Anyway I install the latest MU2 update and I was doing some pattern work and then I pressed the CDI button from GPS to VLOC on the GNS530 and XP10 CTD. Log shows "application crashed because of gizmo" Anyone seen this? Log.txt
  7. ryanbatc

    Sometimes engines just motor and won't start

    Try the popup throttle position picture (it should be on the gizmo sidebar thing)... maybe your peripherals are slightly off.
  8. ryanbatc

    Basic flight parameters

    The Saab is a dual crew aircraft and you're operating it by yourself with a keyboard, mouse and other peripherals... there's only so much realism one can achieve lol. Oh, by the way, I highly recommend Pilot Edge - they've got a two week trial period...and it's a pretty FSE friendly service... a lot of guys combine their flying with FSE... PE it will add the ATC side to your realistic flying http://www.pilotedge.net/
  9. ryanbatc

    Basic flight parameters

    I think there's a tutorial that explains what the preferred settings are... been a while since I've done it. I pretty much just put stuff in the green and call it good lol!
  10. ryanbatc

    A couple of funny things

    We're a picky bunch hehe! But seriously, the plane is extremely well done... there's minor things I've found since 1.1 - I think all have been addressed with the latest release, and the QNH thing is pretty minor too.
  11. ryanbatc

    A couple of funny things

    The baro knob on the pilot's altimeter is very very slow to adjust. The standby and copilot is pretty fast. For me I just adjust the stby first because it's much faster and will auto change the pilots. Is this (the synced baro setting) by design though?
  12. ryanbatc

    eHSI display both VOR1 and GPS

    Should be able to get VOR2 though. So I guess you can tune the VOR1 to VOR2 and display the 2ND CRS.
  13. ryanbatc

    [SOLVED] 1.2 update - a few things

    1. Can't reproduce today... had reproduced it the same day... it's minor anyway 2. Thanks for the support!
  14. Thanks for the update... the manip change is a large help to me when I fly online. 1) I'm having a manipulator issue actually with both COMMs in the VC. The XFR switch doesn't seem to do anything. In the 2d popup mode it works fine. And the NAVs XFR works great in 2d and VC. 2) My left prop shows dead but it everything appears normal in flight and the lever seems normal too. Any ideas? I did do an autostart (hey, I'm rusty on the procedures hehe). But it seemed to drop when I pulled the levers back a little in flight. I also just noticed from my pic that I forgot prop sync in flight - maybe a factor? Oh, also I use Track IR - but I did zoom up real close to the switch and it didn't change anything.