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    Laminar Releases X-Plane 10.10 Beta 8


    Laminar Research has released Beta 8 of X-Plane 10.10. This release includes the following bug fixes:

    • Quick-Look now supports our new 2D panel scrolling
    • Quick-Flight is now under the file menu
    • Major revisions to the Baron and Kingair
    • Global scenery terrain regions tuned.
    • Added "TEXTURE_CONTROL_NOWRAP" to correspond to TEXTURE_CONTROL. This is needed to make orthophoto pol files with decals.


    • 10.10 beta 6 attempted to mark older cockpit objects as 'glass'. This seemed like a clever way to make HDR work but actually breaks more aircraft than it helps. This change has been removed for beta 7. As a result, the CRJ and other aircraft that use the panel texture as a window will not show clouds correctly in HDR mode. These aircraft will need an update to work with HDR enabled, but will work correctly with HDR disabled. X-Plane cannot guess-and-auto-update these aircraft for HDR.
    • The cockpit now contains most of the same options in Plane-Maker as the attached objects.
    • Invalid use of ATTR_cockpit is now detected and logged.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed crash on Windows with facades with empty meshes. This fixes the crash using the "Classic 3" airport facade.
    • Added support for some out-of-spec PFC Yokes
    • Fixes to solve some strange button behavior on various joysticks (ie. Cyborg Evo)
    • Fixed bus_load_amps dataref to read proper value
    • Landing lights accurately reflect their load on electrical busses now.
    • G430,G1000 and Avidyne instruments now work with panel regions.
    • Fixed some cases where water fog looks funny - there are still some bugs with water and fog.
    • Fixed black line when shadows on "Melt your GPU" with NV cards.
    • Fixed missing cockpit objects in Chinook and other older-style planes.
    • Fixed missing transponder on P32R and other panels that mix translucency and panels.
    • Fixed intermittent drawing of airports in sectional map.
    • Fixed plugin glue code: XPLMNavAid can find stand-alone DMEs.
    • Fixed incorrect culling of trees when forest exclusion zones go outside a DSF boundary.
    • Moved power tower wires to a later drawing group to avoid artifacts.
    • Fixed world being very dark for the first few frames in HDR mode.

    Other tweaks:

    • If you ask to start on the ramp under operations and warnings, then the quick-flight screen honors that

    • Real-weather should grab dew-point to display in ATIS reports, which is kind of nice.

    • Supersonic model for bodies over-hauled a bit... should be more realistic now (the supersonic model for the wings should remain un-changed)

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