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    Laminar Releases Version 10.04 Beta 2


    Well, Captains, it's that time again! Laminar has released yet another update with a laundry list of improvements. Check it out below and get your updaters going!

    • All buttons on the FMS's should work properly even if there are two different FMS's in the airplane.

    • Wind-shear and turbulence model refined a little more to be more complex in it's randomness, and not always quite so strong in what are requested to be moderate conditions, and to change in a reasonable way with altitude. This should help improve wind and turbulence modeling, especially with Real-Weather turned on.

    • X-15 drop and Space-Shuttle-carry missions should work properly now.

    • Right-mouse drag to look around in 3-D cockpit command-look view, and mouse scroll wheel zooms. This is a pretty convenient way to look around the 3-D cockpits. (This works in "command" look mode, not mouse look mode! So when you are not right-mouse dragging, the view stays still and you can manipulate the 3-d panel.)

    • Track-IR functions in ALL 3-d cockpit views now... It has WORKED for years, but is now easier to find since it engages in ALL 3-d cockpit views, not just one.

    • Cool new feature for QuickTime movies: Movie quality! Set it high or low depending on how good you want it to look... and how much disk space you want to burn!

    • External visuals should sync-up faster in the multi-machine setups, which should save some time in real flight-training scenarios.

    • Landing lights, spotlights, and spotlight aiming-angles all go from master machine to external visuals now.

    • Plane-Maker system screen: Option to auto-load with current values, or not, airspeed, vertical speed, and altitude when a new autopilot mode is engaged.

    • Visibility tuned to change with altitude in a more accurate way to follow the reported weather more closely.

    • AI planes should be better about holding desired altitude now, resulting in less annoyed air traffic controllers.

    • Fixed: incorrect warnings about missing scenery

    • Fixed (partly): the ocean shading should have fewer sharp lines on it. Far view shading of the ocean is still a work in progress...more color tuning in a future beta.

    • Fixed: wing flex now works - X-Plane was incorrectly zeroing out wing-flex on some v10 planes.

    • Fixed: sharp turns in taxiway lines now render correctly at KSEA and other airports.

    • Fixed: right button on Linux is now the "right" button, not the scroll wheel itself.

    • Fixed: plugins won't crash if they try to read the weather from XPluginStart


    • Roof behaviors now match v9 for legacy facades
    • A bunch of new features to control the exact appearance of facade-attached objects - docs coming soon!

    • New facade features: attached objects on facades appear and disappear with "objects" rendering setting for better performance.

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