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chris k

DSF Scenery Packages - YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl (ISDG)

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File Name: YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl (ISDG)

File Submitter: chris k

File Submitted: 05 Aug 2012

File Category: DSF Scenery Packages

X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 10

YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl (XP10)
Sydney, Australia - v1.41
Aug 10, 2014

WARNING: Use at Your own Risk. We assume no responsibility for blown up power supplies or melting GPUs.


- X-Plane 10.20 (http://www.x-plane.com/)

- OpensceneryX 2.0 (http://opensceneryx.com/)

- Texture Compression ENABLED (else you'll blow X-Plane's 3.5Gb RAM Limit)
This scenery runs around 860 Mb loaded at "extreme" resolution compressed w/X-Plane 10 Loaded.
Uncompressed, and you're into 1.4-1.5 Gb, meaning you're dangerously close to crashing XP10_32bit

- A Modern Video Card with MINIMUM 512Mb VRAM.
This scenery fully runs at or around 512Mb of VRAM when loaded in XP10 with "very high".
I highly suggest this setting for now until XP10_x64

- You will want to run this scenery at "very high" or "extreme" Texture Resolution, or else the effect is lost.
Sorry to the users with 256Mb VRAM or less. This just isn't going to work out for you.
Time to think of upgrading, since XP10 uses almost 300Mb all by itself, with nothing loaded.


You will need every ounce of VRAM in your card for this scenery!
Kill any Web Browsers, Desktop Wall Paper, and anything that couple possibly use Video RAM.!

- If you get some texture swap, look around a little bit at the beginning in all directions, and let it settle.
- Go to External views as well, zoom far out and back in, X-Plane will start swapping out unused textures.
- Go to rendering options, toggle between full-screen to windowed and back. For some reason, this also works for me to optimise the VRAM.



Many people have generously donated their time, skills, and objects. This could not have been done without them.

- Ropeless (Many Many Many Many Photoshopped Tiles, Concrete Gables from YSCN - Thanks to the Doctor!)
- Fenriz (Many Many Photoshopped Tiles)
- SimmoW (Photoshopped Tiles)
- GaryBKK (Various Shipping Containers, Container Crane)
- Sethesus (Checkered Huts, Electrical Junction Boxes, YSSY Tower, Signage, Clutter)
- HenryT (Checkered Huts, Clutter)
- Nickster (Radio Mast, Radar Ball, Red shipping containers, dumpsters, diggers, bollards, Clutter)
- Skyflyer (HungryJacks, Billboards, McDonalds, Signage, Clutter)
- Laminar for the LOWI XP9 Buildings.
- Nerarmap.com for the Orthophotography Imagery at 15cm resolution (free redistribution and derivation for noncommercial use)


Additional Files/Enhancements:

I highly suggest using Jack's (FlyJSim's) "über-kewl" Asphalt replacement textures found here for proper runway effect:
Hi-Res Replacement Asphalt Textures

I also suggest the Vehicle Library Extension found here, and crank up the 'Number of Cars". Looks great!
Vehicle Library Extension



Still some stuff to do - I'm aware of them i.e:

- Some Gate Markings/Centrelines aren't finished yet.

- Certain Buildings are simply "stand ins" until we better XP10/OSX objects
i.e. "Delta Hangar" should be Qantas Hangar, and "USPS Post Office" should be Australia POST.



This scenery is Dorito-ware. Meaning that if you like it, you are obligated to send us a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.
The Australians have never heard of this flavour, and it's impossible to purchase it here in Sydney.


Author's Notes:

This Scenery took 5 Months of planning, editing, assembling, and a complete Team of like-minded dedicated people.
I was very fortunate to have met and worked with an awesome and talented group of individuals on this project.

My hats off to Ropeless, who was by far the most dedicated individual and "photoshopping-machine" on this project. =)
Without his tireless work and encouragement, this project would have never gotten off the ground.

This scenery is dedicated to the entire X-Plane Community. You know who you are =)
© 2012-2014 chris k


P.S. You like Photoscenery?

Try this one: NZCH Christchurch Airport Photo Scenery (XP10)
Or this one: YSCN Camden Airport Photo Scenery (XP10)

Click here to download this file

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XP10.25 has re-done it's "KSEA Demo" scenery library, hence users may experience errors loading this scenery now.


I "borrowed" some library elements from the KSEA demo area - and I need to remove these from the distribution for XP10.25/XP10.30+


Ignore loading errors for now.

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Just downloaded the YSSY photo scenery, where do I go from here. Dose the x-plane 10 get used at all, if so the airport is in wrong location. What am I doing wrong.


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Freda - 


To install custom scenery in X-Plane, you save the file to the "Custom Scenery" directory within your main X-Plane directory. Are you familiar with the installation process of custom content in X-Plane?

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