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What's this instrument?

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I found in some of L-410 an instrument which I can't recognize. Could you help me please if you recognize it? :)



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To me it looks like a normal map...

TRK > must be 'track right'

(same as the <TRK)

WxR must be show weather, RNG must be view range like the knobs on the heavy metal maps... NAV might be 'show path' or heading...

But this is based off an amatuers observation, what seems most obvious to me....


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I would say it's a Collins Weather radar:

BRT knob adjusts the accelerator voltage of the CRT (yes, it's a tube, not an LCD screen!) thereby adjusting screen brightness.

Wx is weather radar display

WxA is weather radar with alerts, which makes the red and pink areas blink

NAV is a flightplan overlay

GAIN controls the actual emitted power of the radar antenna

OFF, STBY, TEST, ON should be self-explanatory, LOG I don't know from the top off my head.

Rotateing the inner knob changes the antenna tilt so you can look upwards and downwards relative to your current altitude.

RNG up and down control the range of radar echos displayed on the screen

TKR left and right draws a helper line that you can pan left and right. You use it to find a path through the "holes" in the weather system, to find a safe way and then you can look what TRK you must fly to avoid all the dangerous zones.

Finally on the bottom right is the antenna tilt stabilization that corrects the antenna tilt (given with the knob on the top right) against the pitch angle, to keep the radar image stable when the aircraft changes pitch (because the antenna tilt is counter-acted). You can disable this counter-acting by pulling the knob (STAB OFF).


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Thanks guys and thanks Philipp for detailed info.

Too bad it can't be easily programmed in xplane... :(

So, in that case i'll put a weather radar / nav overlay to this display in the L-410. For me It seem to be an acceptable compromise, if you guys agree :)

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Sure, I bet half the community will be too busy being stunned by your awesome aircraft to think about one measly instrument... !

Can't wait to see what's next!

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