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I can no longer activate my X AVIATION license. I changed my motherboard on my PC. I launch X PLANE, the license activation window appears, I enter the email address and password, then another window appears and asks my PC to deactivate ???, and most nothing works correctly, another window appears and indicates faild command. I don't understand anymore, can you help me? Thank you
Jean Marie





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Hi!  I have also problems with activation of TBM900. After filling out the two pop-up pictures showed above, I get the "Machine ID Locked" pop-up.

I have bought two licences of the Hot Start TBM900.  One on myn Lap-top pc and one for the Main-PC. ORDER #88057 and 72930

Enclosed my two log-files after atempting loading TBM900 from X-plane 11.41

Remarks; I have rebuild my PC lately, I don't know if this should effect the licencing?



Morten Nicolaisen





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