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TBM 900 Multiple Crashes and Issues

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I recently updated to X-Plane 11.40 and ever since I have been experiencing a long list of problems with the TBM 900. This is my favorite aircraft by far, and so this is disturbing. I have experienced multiple crashes to a complete shutdown and reboot of Windows 10. I have deleted the entire X-Plane directory and started over with fresh downloads and experimented with removing all plugins. My other airplanes work fine. For a while the crash bar was resetting to OFF every time I moved it up. Now the Igniters won't stay firing after I crank so I don't get a light off. Selecting random things with the TBM loaded causes the system to crash. The log.txt file may or may not help here. The airplane sometimes opens in the tutorial, sometimes not. Can you provide precise installation instructions so I can see if I am missing something? For example, does the "carenado" G1000 folder need to be in the main X-Plane directory? Really hoping you can help here. I love that TBM when it works.

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