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Question about X-Aviation activation

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I wonder if someone could give me a hand in this situation:

4 years ago, on December 2016, I bought the IXEG 737.
Some months later if I'm not mistaken, the new X-Aviation activation system came out, and it would let you allow up to three computers per account as a maximum.

So, I registered my PC, named "Franco-PC".


Occasionally, it would ask me to register again the same computer. Thing is, I actually "reached" those three registrations, but they are actually ALL in the same computer.
On those moments I thought it was just a "renewal" of the machine registration, but it was actually registering the same machine as a new one.

First registration is from May 2017, second from March 2018, and third from May 2018.

All of them have exactly the same name, "Franco-PC", since it is exactly the same machine (I don't have any other than this). Today, when I started X-Plane, the activation asked me once again to register the computer. (PS: I have just installed a major Windows update, maybe that has something to do with this?).

So I registered again the machine, again with "Franco-PC". Problem is, I "reached" the three maximum registrations.

It is now asking me to delete one of them.


I was just about to delete the first registration from 2017, but here's the thing: it is exactly the same PC from day one. I'm afraid it says the machine will be de-authorized forever.


What I'm trying to ask: since the three registrations are from exactly the same PC, will de-authorize one of "them" end up de-authorizing THIS entire PC to any new registration?

Or can I just proceed normally?


Thank you.






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You may proceed normally. We advise selected the oldest dated activation for de-authorization if it is on the same machine.

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