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Response Curves on Logitech/Saitek Yoke

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I am curious to hear what your settings are for the response curves for the yoke.

I haven’t found the final setting yet. Still struggling with some, let’s say over sensitive pitch specially at low speeds.

Many thanks 



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I haven't found a really satisfying curve for the Saitek yoke and some time ago I gave up and got back to linear. Whatever i did to smoothen out the pitch response around center it created inconveniences elsewhere. The Saitek yoke, at least mine, has a too heavy centering force and is totally lacking fine control in that important range. What adds to that is the general heavily noisy output, I can watch the signal dancing around no matter how smooth I try to move it.


So for me the solution is replacing that yoke and I plan to do that rather soon. :D

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40 minutes ago, driver101 said:

So what is the best affordable yoke out there?

That's the big question! :)

There is not really a 'good' affordable yoke around(*), at least that's how it is now. Some may claim that even 1000 dollar is affordable when you get a very well produced product which serves you many years. (speaking about the Yoko the Yoke) But that's too much of a spend for me, at least for now. 


(*) But that might change. Theres a company called Honeycomb coming up with a yoke and a quadrant they claim to fill the gap between the low budget and expensive high quality yokes. It has 90° of travel on the roll axis and a bigger travel than Saitek also on pitch axis. That alone should be a great improvement. 

I'm still sceptical but I decided to jump the gun and pre-ordered one of these. It should come sometime in October and then I'll see. :D



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On 9/10/2019 at 3:09 AM, driver101 said:

I agree! 

Will have a look at that honeycomb yoke. Think the price is good. Hopefully quality and functionality are as well.



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