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Fuel and stall check fail

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I have a weird issue when doing fuel and stall check; both seems not performing at all, I mean stall check doesn't produce any sound and fuel check doesn't reset the fuel gauge. Othewr check seems working fine ( fire, mach check ... )

Any hint or help to figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks a lot for any help.

Below a small video about what's going on in my cockpit.


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Hi Vespa,

the stall warning not playing with the test buttons is a bug - it is already fixed for the next release (whenever that may be)...

The fuel gauge test should run - but you need to press the button for more than 3 seconds (like in the real plane).

Cheers, Jan


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Hi Jan,

thanks a lot for your the kind and invaluable help you always provide through this forum and your video...I learned a lot more by watching your videos than reading manuals.

Hope to see more video about real flying procedures applied to the beloved IXEG beauty

getting back to the test....silly me....I completely forgot the 3 second key press time...the fuel check works fine.

About the stall test bug....well...I won't ask for immediate release of the next update to fix that :lol:


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