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Reference speeds, used fuel, and power lever detents

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Hi all,

After a couple of flights in that great plane, I've a few questions left that I couldn't answer myself.

  1. Where can I find the reference speeds (Vref) for different flaps settings? I'm sure there is a table about this somewhere in the Charts.pdf, but for any reason, I can't find it. I need those speeds manly for calculating the final approach speed as well as the flaps extension schedule. So having the latter values would be sufficient.
  2. Is there a specific reason why the used fuel is given in kgs, while all other instruments including the fuel gauges use lbs?
  3. Since my hardware throttle has no physical detents, I've to look down to the pedestal quite often in order to make sure that I stay in the correct range. During flight, the movement of the power lever is restricted between IDLE and FULL. Is it possible to configure such a restriction for other phases as well, in particular between GND IDL and IDL for taxi?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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1.  Should be in the doc's, but if they're not, I'll see if I can find them in the official documentation and maybe post them somewhere.
2.  Just the way it is in the real thing.

3.  During flight, the WoW (Weight on Wheels) switch, which is linked to the different areas on the throttle console, prevents the throttles from going below idle.  This is a safety measure implemented by Saab.  While on the ground, you can bring the levers back to GRD Idle due to the WoW switch being engaged.

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Thanks for your quick reply!

  1. I'll check this again. However, in the case I don't find it, it would be great if you could point me in the right direction or share the values :)
  2. I assumed that this is modeled as in reality. My question was rather why one would design it in this way. I guess the developers at Saab did this because of a specific reason.
  3. Thanks for the detail explanation! I didn't know about this.

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7 hours ago, Goran_M said:

We came across many things we questioned as to why it would be done a certain way.  It's definitely a unique aircraft.

Yeah, I probably should stop asking myself such questions as well ;)

5 hours ago, pirascha said:

The maximum speeds for the different flap settings: In "systems.pdf" page 29 and 34.

Thanks for the info! However, p. 29 show the maximum speeds, while p. 34 is for icing conditions. I'm rather looking for the normal reference speeds.

I went thought the documents again and found Vref20 and Vref35 in the charts.pdf on page 29. Since these are the most important once used for calculating the final approach speed, this helps already a lot. Furthermore, I found the chart to calculate the stall speeds for different flaps settings on p. 30. I guess those values are sufficient to calculate a flaps extension schedule. Or what is the preferred way to do the latter in this plane?

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