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SkyMaxx Pro V4 install and poss incompatable plugins

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Hello all,

I am looking at buying SMP v 4.6, but was wondering about my existing plugins and scripts on whether they should be removed for SMP to do its bit.

The scripts I have atm, is SCA.lua (Soft Cloud Art) True Haze and others in the True series (Not in front of FS PC atm), FSEnhancer and its associated script and Ultimate environment folder in plugins

Also do I need to use RWC as well with SMPv4.6 or can SMP v4.6 be run without RWC?

Many thanks,


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I don't own those particular add-ons, but I haven't heard of them causing problems with SkyMaxxPro. However, anything they do to affect the default clouds in X-Plane will not affect SkyMaxx Pro's clouds. If you're using them to make the clouds look better, then you might gain some performance back by disabling them while using SkyMaxx Pro.

SkyMaxx Pro can be used without Real Weather Connector, but you need RWC in order for SkyMaxx Pro to depict more complex weather conditions. Without RWC, SkyMaxx Pro is limited to representing X-Plane's default 3 layers of clouds that are uniform in every direction.

If anyone reading this does own these add-ons as well as SMP,  please chime in!


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