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Weight & Balance - CoG Saab 340

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Is there a quick way to figure out what the CG should be for the Saab? I don't believe the CG slider moves on it's own. So I'm just looking for an easy way to get close to what the CG should be for a fliggt. The AC handles fine without touching it no matter what load i put in. But i don't think this is very realistic.

I ask because i stumbled across a manual for the XP default King Air C90 and how to deturmin its CG. That talks about a weight comparison determining on where the load is on the AC. The reference they use is a payload moment table. So 100 lbs for the crew would be 12,800. But 100 lbs in the rear cargo hold would be 27,500. So yeah big difference. So you add up all the moment weight and devide by the actual weight.  The base cg for the King Air is 138. So after you do the math the difference is what you add to the base which would move the cg back.

Figuring this out with only a few pax is not a problem. But with the saab and upwards of 37 pax and Luggage would be a lot of math lol.

Anyone have a short cut? Plus the "moment" weights i have for the King Air would not be the same for the Saab.

Around pg 50 you will see what I'm talking about. 




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