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SID transition not entering

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Hello guys,

I have this SID procedure, and I'm trying to put it into the FMC using the TEMAM transition.
It appears on the CDU, I select it but when I go to the route page the FMC set ANROV as the last fix of the SID.
I'm not sure if this is right, could someone help me?




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Hi, I tried this SID with the IXEG and the FFA320 and it seems to be correct.

On both aircraft the last point on the SID is TEMAM.

I'm using Navigraph cycle 1806.




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Tried again yesterday and the first fix still went to ANROV.

Tested it on PMDG and I got the message "ALT CONSTRAINT..." and ANROV is selected too.

I'm not sure anymore what is happening, I'm at cycle 1806 too.


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