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Maxx FX and VR FlyInside

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It means it does not apply effects as expected nor on the monitor nor in the Oculus Rift. Since VR is coming to X-plane as native in 11.20, I was wondering if there's any plan to make Maxx-XP working in VR.


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I'm fairly certain it isn't an issue with VR itself but how Flyinside renders as a third party plugin.....I vaguely remember reading that there are some rendering tricks they use to provide VR...

Native VR is on the horizon, we will be on a holding pattern until then.....

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Hey John,


Spent many hours and surprised this issue has not come up yet but, after many removal of plugins after installing 11.20 and using a VR headset, MaxxFX is the only plugin causing an issue all by its self with showing VR working but has a black screen while in VR mode. I dont have a log.txt to send because you can hear all x plane sounds but it will show a black screen in VR mode. No other stand alone plugins cause this issue. I am also not using or have flyinside installed. Using just stock 11.20r1 x plane.

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