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  1. Actually NVM, looks like it's working with the release... my last test was still with a beta, i'll do a quick flight and report back
  2. That's weird, some plugins are already being developed in VR, see Reality for XP and other open source plugins... by the way, I think it's an easy fix for MaxxFxx as the effects are already working but only on one of the two lens of the Oculus rift (the right one iirc). I'd be happy to beta test any change.
  3. So now that Native VR has been released, could you guys make Maxx Fx working with it.... pleaz pleaz
  4. It means it does not apply effects as expected nor on the monitor nor in the Oculus Rift. Since VR is coming to X-plane as native in 11.20, I was wondering if there's any plan to make Maxx-XP working in VR. Thx
  5. Yep, experiencing the same issue here... it's a shame, had to go back to default X-plane clouds :/
  6. Same problem here. -ryujin
  7. Hey guys, any chance there's a way to make Maxx FX working with Flyinside (VR) and X-Plane ? Cheers
  8. Hi I am interesting in buying this aircraft but I saw that a 2.0 is in the air? When it's supposed to happen? I am just worried I buy the plane and then 2.0 comes out just after... Thank you
  9. I setup RWC+NOAA and it seems to work fine... however the ATIS does not seem to reflect NOAA metars ... where is X-Plane reading the info to fill the ATIS? Thank you
  10. Hello Cameron, deleting preferences solved the issue, thank you very much for the hint. Seems like it was a coincidence that happened just after the installation of the scenery. Cheers
  11. Hello, just bought and installed Ohau scenery on Mac X-plane 10.20 beta 9. After installation scenery loads up correctly but then the view from the plane is sloped (see attachment). I tried to load any other scenery not related to Ohau after installation and the view is still sloped. Tried to uninstall but still no luck. Any clue what could it be? Any help would be appreciated
  12. I'm running X-plane 9.60rc2 on MacOSX 10.6.4, installed the libcURL framework and moved the gizmo plugin to Resources->plugins in X-plane but when I start flying my plane's engine "dies" after few mins and If I go to Plugin->gizmo I can see "Reboot scripts, scripts, windows" but can't do anything with them...so I guess I am not able to register my plane??? Any idea on how to solve this issue? Thx alot.
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