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Overspeed on Descent

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In recent flights I have noticed that I have to deploy airbrakes a lot more than what I have done in the past to try to control overspeed during descent on AP.  In some cases I cannot maintain 250 or less below FL100.  Is anyone else having this problem?  I am running the latest public beta XP11 (pb13 today).  I also seem to be flaring higher than usual.

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3 hours ago, okernel said:

Thanks Jan ... just love the aircraft!

Thanks for the nice feedback! We will need to re-tune the aircraft when XP11 is "final" - if you feel REALLY enterprising you can do this:


All this at your own risk. Don´t come crying if you *** up your aircraft and run out of activations because you need to re-install your messed up aircraft file.



Run the aircraft in XP10 at a certain speed and altitude, i.e. 5000 feet and 250 kts.

Output "drag" to your screen. Note the value.

EDIT: At 250kts, 5000´ and 100.000lbs (45.450kg) this should be 6460lbs of drag.


Open the aircraft in Plane Maker for XP11 (root folder) and browse to Standard/Fuselage/Section

Play with the value for "body coef of drag" (you will need to increase it) until your results for 5000 feet and 250kts match up with XP10 (6460lbs of drag)

The results for other speeds won´t be perfect (since the shape of the drag curve has also changed for XP11) - but will get you back into the ballpark.




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Added reference values for XP10
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Thanks again Jan, but I think I will wait.  LR will likely change the ballpark again before "final".  The "problem" is not insurmountable, I just have to learn to fly the beast myself rather than let the AP do all the work. ;)

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