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x-plane crash

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Good afternoon,


after looking through the forums I found that some people were having the same issue, where the last lines in the log read :

SkyMaxx Pro: Found new METAR.rwx file
SkyMaxx Pro: Parsing METAR data
SkyMaxx Pro: METAR parsing took 198 ms.


following an x plane crash.

I am running SMP 3.2.1 with RWC set  to automatic and FSGRW, this happens while flying the IXEG 737 at FL370 from south florida to north Carolina.





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The last thing in a log file does not mean that's what caused the crash, unless X-Plane clearly states the crash was caused by that plugin.

I see you have HD mesh installed, so it's much more likely that your system just ran out of memory (VRAM or system RAM.) The SkyMaxx Pro configuration panel displays a measurement of how much you have available; if it's less than a few hundred MB, then you're in danger of running out of memory which can cause X-Plane to crash. In this case, you need to dial back your rendering options, custom scenery installations, and/or cloud draw area settings.

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