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LES Saab 340A VR Touch Controllers Mod 2.5

About This File

This is a mod to fix a lot of manipulators that are otherwise unusable in VR with the touch controllers in the Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340A Version 1.5 for XP11.  Manipulators that have been tweaked to work in VR are:

Tweak Log:

Rudimentary Pilot and Copilot teleport hotspots! (WIP) 

GPS Knobs, inner/outer
Sun Shades, slide on rail and lower/raise
All Light Intensity Rheostats
Autopilot Altitude Selector Dial
Com 1 and 2 Function Selector and Frequency knobs, inner and outer
Nav 1 and 2 Function Selector and Frequency knobs, inner and outer
ADF 2 and 2 Function Selector and Frequency knobs, inner and outer
Transponder Function Selector and Frequency knobs
CRS 1 dial
CRS 2 dial
HDG dial
OBS Knobs
IAS Bug knobs
Altimeter baro pressure knobs
Overhead DC Selector knob
Flight Number Digit Wheels have been tuned for functionality
Parking Brake orientation corrected (was previously reversed, now a push toward the floor pushes the knob down)
Steering Tiller orientation corrected (was previously reversed, now a push toward the floor pushes the knob down)
DCP Select knob tweaked
Decision Height Knob rotation and push in/out tweaked (was previously reversed)

And many, many other dials, knobs, and switches...

These changes make the aircraft fully flyable using touch controllers in VR!  With the exception the yoke.

Known bugs or issues:

- Some manipulators are a bit fiddly/touchy/sensitive, but at least they work correctly. **most fixed in 1.1

- CRS 1 knob seems to have two grab points, and one doesn't work.  If you grab the CRS 1 and it doesn't turn, aim more for the base of the knob instead of the top of the knob.  You can also grab the obs knob next to the CRT screen, it works beautifully.

- Switches that should "snap" back to center, such as starter switch, bleeds, trims, V/S wheel, etc...they do not snap back to center using the VR controllers.  I believe there is some custom "onmouserelease" gizmo code going on there, and the VR controllers aren't seen by gizmo as a "mouse".  Fortunately the VR mouse works just fine, so I map the vr mouse to a button on my yoke and turn it on when I need to adjust trims.  Everything else is still usable with the VR controllers.  When you reset the bleeds it will stay in the reset position, but I've found that it's fine to leave it there.  Same thing with the starter switch, it will just stay in the position of the engine you just started, but doesn't make a difference.  If you want to snap it back to center, just use the VR mouse for now.  I also map the vvi up and vvi down to buttons on my yoke so i don't have to use the V/S wheel when climbing/ascending using V/S mode.

- Some custom mouse wheel code in 2d gets broken while using the VR mod, so if you are going to fly her in 2d you may want to revert back to the old .obj files.

- gust lock only works using VR mouse.  Again, I believe it's dependent on some custom gizmo mouse code.

Disclaimer:  This is not an officially supported LES update, so don't expect support from them on it.  If you need help you can always ask me or just put your old .obj files back in your folders.  If you lose the old files and just want to reset everything just reinstall the aircraft.  

Installation Instructions:

Download the SaabVR-obj-v22.zip file (this is the latest version)

Back up your LES_Saab_340_cockpit.obj from your Passenger Variant folder, your LES_Saab_340a_Cargo_cockpit.obj from your Cargo Variant folder, and your LES_Saab_340a_AEW_cockpit.obj from your Airborne Variant folder. 

Unzip the file, you'll find 3 folders, one for each Saab variant (passenger, cargo, airborne).  Inside each folder you'll find a ***variant.txt file and a ***vrconfig file. 

Step 1:  The ***vrconfig files just go in your Saab's corresponding  aircraft variant folders.  Easy.

Step 2.   You will need a text editor for this next part, I recommend notepad++ (free).  The text inside these ***variant.txt files are intended to replace the current corresponding text in the obj files.  Open the ***variant.txt file and copy all the text.  Open the matching .obj file from you Saab's variant folder in your text editor.  Search/find (or edit/find) for the world "TRIS".  Highlight that line and all remaining text in the obj (shift click at the bottom of the file to do this quickly) and paste.  Save the obj.  (Not save-as, don't give it another name).


**What's New in Version 2**

This is a fairly major update.  Along with the obj text modifications you'll now get vr_config.txt files to put in your aircraft variant folders as well.

Changed a lot of axis manipulated knobs to their correct manipulation, getting rid of the "sliding up and down the colored line" effect.  Also changed the sensitivity of countless dials and switches for a much better experience.  Also added teleport hotspots to the pilot and copilot seat (sort of...it's a work in progress, but it works.  The blue hotspot indicator that you're probably used to is currently a hoop about where the head of the pilot would be, but it works). :)

All the manipulators that are still bound to color-line axis's can not be fixed because they are custom-code dependent (I think), and I've not found a way to fix them.  They work as is, just have to deal with the axis slide.


What's New in Version 2.5   See changelog


This is a major update!  Now featuring a fully working yoke for VR touch controllers, and at last count there are now 142 custom hand-tuned manipulators optimized to work with VR touch controllers.  No more axis lines on the throttle and condition levers and the gear handle.  I worked very hard to make things just act and "feel" as right as they can.  

Bugs Squashed:

CRS1 knob no longer bugged out in VR.
RMI right side knob now works while twisting the opposite way.
Custom Manipulator added to aircraft that allows V/S autopilot operation.

Major Additions:

VR Yoke (Thank you Jan of Stairport Sceneries for the manipulator to work with!)
AP Disconnect Button on yoke working
Custom Autopilot V/S knob that overlays the one that doesn't work in VR with touch controllers
Many (many!) manipulators reworked and hand-tuned for maximum work-ability, including:

Condition Levers
Gear Handle
Friction Locks
Switch Covers
Fire Handles
Temp Knobs
Light Knobs

Other Immersive VR Tweaks:

Now there's a tiny teleport hotspot above and behind the center console.  This hotspot teleports you out of the cockpit and into the cabin just outside the cockpit door facing aft.  From there you can make a cup of coffee, or teleport over to a couple places in the cabin.  One is in front of the main door, where you can open it and slide the stairs out and lower/raise them.  From there you can also operate the cabin lighting switches.  You can also shoot the teleport cord toward the rear of the aircraft down the aisle, where you'll also find another hotspot that puts you in a passenger window seat overlooking the rear of the wing.  You can hand slide the window cover up or down and turn on/off the reading lights, as well as push the call button to call the stewardess.  Very immersive and wonderful for replays as well.  

Installation Instructions: 

I recommend making a backup copy of your X-plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/Saab 340a/*** Variant folders.  Just rename them to something like ****** Variant Old, so you can easily just revert back if you need to. 

Step 1.  Unzip the file and you'll find 3 folders, one for each variant.  Add the ***_vrconfig.txt file to your Aircraft's X-plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/Saab 340a/*** Variant folder.  

Step 2.  Open the ***_Cockpit_obj.txt file in a text editor such as notepad, etc.  Select All and copy everything.  Open your LES_Saab_340a_****_cockpit.obj OBJ file in a text editor and delete everything in it, and paste all your copied info into it.  Save that file and you're good to go. 


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