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  1. SkyDelta98


    The team at the 98Aerspace lab have thought long and hard on how to create the best X-plane experience possible for their aircraft users, and have gone out of the box, way out, to give you an aircraft that looks good, but also has the most advanced systems and materials in the world. SkyDelta One, our second prototype next-gen fighter has just left the production hangar. Its predecessor, the DeltaWing98, had systems that were simple and fit well around the pilot, the SkyDelta One has brought this to a next-level basis so much that it peaks even the highest scales on aircraft capability.
    Lab workers, have refined, and refined again to give you an aircraft that has:
    A massive, though eco freindly afterburning engine,
    Low vortex wingtips and supersonic airfoils,
    Advanced pilot systems including wide view of runway when flared at landing,
    Non wear tyers and low maintainence systems.
    Weapons include a few missiles and a gatling gun.
    Thank you to everybody who have already downloaded our hard work, we hope you enjoy our aim for an enhanced X-Plane experience.
    - The 98Aerospace Team




  2. SU-35BM Flanker

    This is an SU-35 Flanker of the soviet Air force.
    Given permission by a friend to post. Have fun!
    Admins/mods: If necessary, I will show the permission form.




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