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  1. HD CDU - Texture Enhancement for Ramzzess 777

    Another day… another enhancement !
    Ramzzess' 777 pop up CDU texture always felt odd to me, especially as you interact so much with it throughout a flight.
    I came up with something with a bit of weathering and much closer to ACTUAL fonts/markings.
    3 variants are included :
    Clean, with weathering applied to the unit body only ;
    Weathered, with very slight weathering applied on the screen ;
    Extra, with the above plus a fingerprint on the screen.

    Please see the included Read Me for more info and installation details.
    Note : More will be done/refined later on (v1.0). I just didn't want to hold it indefinitely since it is pretty OK in its current state.


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  2. MOON - HD Enhancement Pack

    I had a day off today, so I decided to mess a bit with the poorly detailed moon that sits quietly in our virtual skies. So I give you MOON, my first HD Enhancement Pack.
    This package makes use of high definition textures that have been carefully processed to ensure a pleasant and beautiful experience, and will bring life, depth and detail in the simulator.
    Videomakers may get creative with this powerful and compelling storytelling element. This addon has been designed with you in mind.
    Includes XP9 and XP10 textures : 1k, 2k and 4k DDS.
    Please see the included Read Me for more info.




  3. TAXI - HD Enhancement Pack

    This package features high definition, weathered textures that have been carefully crafted to make low resolution signage a thing of the past.
    For your convenience, 3 versions are provided (muted, balanced, vibrant), with slight color differences. Pick your favourite !
    Includes XP9 and XP10 2k and 4k DDS textures.
    Please see the included Read Me for install instructions and details.




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