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  1. My favorite plane ! Can't stand the waiting DANKESCHÖN !!
  2. Thanks for the link to the X-Plane 10 ATC tutorial ! I will have look at it. But my question was specialized on the CRJ-200 tutorial that comes with the plane. Can I use the X-plane ATC with this tutorial flight from LESA to LEVC or not ?
  3. Okay, this was not quite what I expected when I bought CRJ-200... After my decision to give X-Plane10 a try a month ago, I was surprised how fine the v.10 looks, compared to older versions. So I thought about buing a SERIOUS plane for it. That was CRJ-200. Thought flicking through the manual and hop, up in the air. In the end I spent 1 1/2 hour ON THE GROUND while working through the tutorial just to get the plane to the runway holding position. And just when I tried to align with the runway, one of the engine died. No, I had no failures selected in X-Plane, it looked like I had somewhere pre
  4. After working (I was expecting this'll gonna be no game...) for several days with the accompanied manuals I finally managed to get the CRJ-200 off the ground ! What is not realy clear for me: In the Tutorial the communications with ATC are mentioned, for example to get the Squawk Code. Can I do this conversation with the ATC that is built into X-Plane ? Or are the communications from the tutorial only fictional ? To use ATC in X-Plane I have to file a flightplan first, but as far as I know, the CRJ flightplans are incompatible ? Please help me in my Rookie confusion. THANKS
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