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  1. I confirm too I am also with ASXP + RWC + V5
  2. Same here! Cockpit disaster FP, outside as usual. Switched back to V4
  3. Hi, I am getting this error with licence activation after having installed IXEG 1.33 with beta Gizmo. Can you please help me?
  4. Hi Christophe, I checked "Canada SAR" and it is OK. Did you manage the find the error for this beautiful livery??? Can't wait for the corrected one... Thanks a lot indeed!
  5. very nice I am using it a lot, but in night time no livery visible (everything is white)!!! it is a pity!
  6. Is this a critical error? I got XPlane freezed many times for this... Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt metar.xml
  7. new logs, thanks Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  8. I just have it as plugin installed, I am not using it when I fly the TBM. Should I deactivate it when I fly the TBM?
  9. I am attaching my log too for my XPlane crash while flying TBM900. Log.txt
  10. Jan, I have been seeing this starting from 11.40 Thanks
  11. This video is taken with a new vanilla XP 11.41 only with IXEG, nothing else added and with fresh updated NVIDIA drivers to last version 441.66. B733_-_2019-12-13_15_11_13.avi
  12. This is something happened to me too, during a night fly and your blue was in my case dark sky with stars. I reinstalled and problem disappeared, but I got a new one, see:
  13. Jan, this problem is driving me crazy! Yesterday I installed a fresh new copy of XP and from old one I only copied plugins and linked the custom scenery folder. Problem persists! Did not have time to test with Gizmo plugin only and default custom scenery only. Will do this evening. What do you think? Thanks. Fabio
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