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  1. Yep many thanks to the very helpful community, moderators and dev. :-) Really appreciate that.
  2. Hey there, now I am a happy owner of the CL650 but have some questions. They are so wide spread I thought it'll be better to ask in one thread. 1. Are there any "normal" manuals? Like what the options for the TAWS mean? 2. I have an AMD gpu and found in the forums there is a problem with tail registration. I have this. But I also have a flickering on the EFB. OpenGL is not an first hand option as it's too slow. On other aircraft avitab works normal. Is there anything I can do against the flickering besides using opengl? 3. Is there a systems description manual? On the first hand I want to study the sim and try to answer my questions for myself before anoying people with stupit questions. For example is DC or AC power required when using the APU to startup the engines? So on ground for preflight and the on. Or both? Those questions arise. 4. Is there a manual on the TAWS options? Why can I choose turboprop? What does the other things mean? 5. Is the CL650 compatible with the headshake plugin? I do not mean supported, I mean does the CL650 bring it's own headshake features? Are there any known problems with it? 6. The flickering on vulcan is also where selcal is placed in the cockpit. Any chance to disable the selcal and the whole text? 7. How to use all the systems like system select for the ND(?)? How to use autopilot? How to use autothrust? 8. How is the pressurization and packs are used? 9. When I turn on one fuel boost pump the other side also engages? Well... maybe asked thousends of times... Many thanks in advance and kind regards, Stefan
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