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  1. Thanks for your reply. Sliders were a bit low. So I turned them into maximum and now the roaring is slightly noticeable so the sound is definitely there but not as it would normally be. The rumbling sound is even harder. In this video, as an example (at 1:06:25) is how I know it to sound so I find really strange how my plane sounds
  2. I recently bought the wonderful 737-300 from IXEG and it is an absolute pleasure to fly. Apart from that I was expecting its awesome engine roaring when crossing 90% N1. All I get is a hard, disgusting rumble only from 60% N1 upwards that doesn't let me hear the roar and any other cabin sounds at all. Tried messing up with different equalizer settings on my headsets and many other things but still not able to get rid of the rumble. I can give any necessary info about my pc, sim, config, etc... Help would be appreciated!! Thanks
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