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  1. Hi Coop... So I unplugged the monitor, and then ran it from the laptop monitor and yes, the Gizmo login screen was visible! I logged in and now the G5 works. So the key point I learned is to open xPlane11 with just the one screen and the login is visible. thanks for your help. Paul
  2. Coop - I re-installed G5 on the Piper Archer II, got a message that said "G5 is already installed for this aircraft" (or something like that) but then I brought up xPlane11 and the G5 is there! Fantastic. Now I cannot turn it on, which was my problem back in March (above entry). I cannot remember where to find the login for Gizmo. I disconnected and reconnected the one monitor I have connected, but that did not reveal a login screen. The log.txt from my last attempt is attached. Thanks for your help.. I feel like I am close. regards, Paul Log.txt
  3. I thought I attached log.tx on my post from 23 hours ago. Since you are not seeing it, can I email it or somehow get it to you? I've run xPlane11 again today and attached the log (again) to this post. I hope you can see it now. Thanks for any help Paul Log.txt
  4. Hi ... I moved Steam to a folder on the C:/ drive. After moving it, the G5 is no longer available on the drop down menus! I've tried re-installing it to no avail. Can you help? I attached the most recent log for your analysis. thanks so much for your help. regards, Paul Log.txt
  5. Hi .. I found the login screen and logged in. That fixed the issue! Thanks! ... you probably can't help with this bran new issue that has cropped up... I used to get the GPS position of the aircraft on FltPlan Go app. That has stopped working now.
  6. Hi ... I checked the log file and found no error code 126 in it, but went ahead and did the install as you suggested. Same result. I've attached the log file from that run. Thanks again for your help. Note that it used to turn on as soon as I selected it, and all of a sudden it stopped powering on. Thanks for your help, Paul Log.txt
  7. Thanks for your help. I downloaded the G5 installer, turns out the one I downloaded in December 2021 was v2.0, exactly the same size as the newest download. I went ahead and installed it, and one piece of good news, the error messages are no longer displayed. However, I am still unable to turn it on with the mouse, left clicking or right clicking had no effect. Just a dark screen on the device. I went into the keyboard commands in xPlane and found where I could assign a keyboard letter that was unused, still could not turn it on. Any further help you can offer would be appreciated. I'm a novice at this. thanks again Paul
  8. One day, this message popped up when I start xPlane11, and as a result I cannot use the G5 any more. "License expired. Please connect to the internet" "License data invalid". My computer has always been connected to the internet since I installed the G5. I emailed support about this problem, have not received an answer yet. Although it may be buried because I originally started an ticket with the issue that I could not move the G5, which went away when I realized I was moving the mouse way too fast over the bezel for the little hand to appear. Don't want to bombard support with too many emails, although I sent my response and asked about this problem a little over a week ago. Thanks for any help.. regards, Paul
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