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  1. Search for “at_disc”. Perfect, thank you!
  2. Ok, thanks for the answer. Please tell me how in the assignment for the keyboard or the joystick the entry is called for ATS disc switch. I couldn't find it anywhere. To FLC: When activated during flight, it switches from speed to TO, but sometimes also to CLB speed. I don't know how to influence that.
  3. there are some problems also related to ATS, FLC and VNAV. difficult, I'm a little frustrated at the moment!
  4. another question: is it possible to put the two buttons on the back of the throttle, ATS disc switch (ATS error reset), on one button? If so, what designation does it include?
  5. ok, thanks for the info, I'll take a look. Due to a clogged pitot tube, a Boeing 757-200 crashed shortly after takeoff from Puerto Plata Airport on February 6, 1996 because the pilot switched the autopilot to this airspeed indicator.
  6. Unfortunately that doesn't help, I switched off the autopilot, reduced the thrust, set the spoilers. The plane slows down, but the speed indicator stays red and white, with the number 40kt in red!
  7. How to exit overspeed mode with the red and white speed band so that the gauge works normally again and the plane doesn't rock?
  8. STALL FAIL Hi there, does anyone have an idea what could be the cause and how to fix it?
  9. The fuel hose is not connected when refueling. What could be the reason? It is usually connected automatically!
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