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  1. @airfighter I think if I have contacted support more than once and using various channels and means, it is because sadly I HAVE HAD to, rather than to annoy you or try to get a resolve quicker by jumping the line. In addition I waited way more than the stipulated days TWICE, before having to reach out again. To top it off, it's also because this product was not correctly uploaded/developed once purchased, so you have had my money for a long while (since 27 Nov 2021) by this stage, yet I still don't have my product today 14th Jan 2022, and no updates have since been pushed through either (It ca
  2. Also, whilst doing further experimenting, when dragging the LEVC-osx-installer.app/Contents/MacOS/osx-intel file into Terminal, it returns this: "Bad CPU type in executable"
  3. Hello! The app installer for Mac OS you get inside the dmg image with LEVC does not open. It does not work. I've emailed X-aviation support twice but still awaiting on a reply. Are you able to help, please, @airfighter? My feeling is that it is something to do with the installer thinking I have a bad/unrecognised CPU/OS (though no error msg is actually displayed). You double click on the installer app from the image dmg and then nothing happens. I'm on an Intel MacBook Pro 2019 running on Catalina 10.15.7 by the way.
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