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  1. Just an FYI to everyone. I am currently working on a bit of a restructure in the plugin to solve a bug where loading your configuration sometimes gets messed up requiring reloading the airframe, and even if you reload it might happen again. Unfortunately my time is quite limited so it is not going as fast as I would like.

    As for future features, there are some ideas in my mind for other "utilities" which would be nice to have with the 650, but nothing set in stone yet.

    I have not considered supporting other airframes at this time as I rarely fly anything else. As always nothing is set in stone, but also no promises.

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  2. HotStart Challenger 650 Popout Panel combinations

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    This is a simple plugin for the HotStart Challenger 650 that allows the user to define combinations of popout panels. These combinations can then be bound to a button as a command.

    Read the README.md file in the package Documentation. The most important note is that this is installed into the Aircraft plugins! Not global X-Plane plugins.




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