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  1. Both me and my friend is crashing each time we try to approach ENEV using the RNP LPV 17 approach using the RIMER transition. This happens about 2nm before we approach EV512. Both of us getting the same errors in the logfile. Logfiles uploaded are from my first crash and my 2nd crash after reloading the aircraft. Log.txt Log.txt CL650_Log.txt This is the point where CTP happens:
  2. Apologies, there was no guidelines prior to me doing this. Will do from the future. Do you want me to open a new thread for this specific issue? I saved the save state from before this CTD. When I loaded it back up now and did the same thing, I had the same CTD. Not sure if I can send this savestate to you somehow? New logfiles attached if there is anything interesting in them. Also attached the CL650 log which I did not know excisted before the new guidelines. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  3. Had another CPT somewhat related to this. Inbound KOVIK, with the following remaining routing KOVIK DCT PIPEX M609 RIPAM ENGM. I attempted to move RIPAM up and replace PIPEX, so the routing would be KOVIK DCT RIPAM, while being inbound RIPAM. This caused a CTD. Used the FMC as the following: Note if relevant: I have had an earlier CTD doing climbout, unreleated to the addon. Reason for mentioning this that I used the state reload of the aircraft maybe can have something to do with this case. Just in case. Log.txt
  4. I have disabled this feature as recommended for online flights, however ATC is complaining that I maintain 300-600ft below my assigned altitude, despite me having QNH1013 set. This is despite another xplane user (flying another aircraft) infront of me being on almost the exact same altitude, without any issues there. Looking on software such as VATSpy, I can see both me and the aircraft ahead is indicating for ex 28700ft, but ATC only complains about me. Again this is with realistic temperature effects disabled.
  5. Dep: EGLL Arr: EHAM Flying the REDFA1A arrivial into EHAM, controller was busy so I added the SUGOL holding to not bust my clearance limit. Controller shortly after cleared me "After SUGOL DCT SPL". When I added SPL into the line SUGOL holding was in, I noticed that I successfully made the FMC show SUGOL > SPL, however the MFD still showed that I had a holding for SUGOL in it. I then deleted SPL, which I then saw SUGOL > [-----] > SUGOL holding, tried deleting SUGOL holding, nothing happend, tried going to next page and simulator crashed. Log.txt
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